Too busy

So I realized I haven't blogged in almost 4 weeks, but in my defense, most of my blogging was done at my laid back, nothing-to-do job and the job I currently have keeps me busy all day. So I work 8 hours, come home and usually have to write 5 or 6 articles; throw in quality friend time a few times a week and you get no new post in 3 weeks. Anyway, here's a bullet list of what I've been up to all month (besides work):

  • the midnight showing of Harry Potter 5--a most excellent movie
  • an ice blocking outing (ice blocking: sliding down a hill on a block of ice a.k.a. sledding for summer) in which the ice block flies and gouges out a chunk of my chin. I had a chin crater and now a sweet scar
  • transition from writing about beauty to writing about money. I now know all about financing a car, payday loan companies, and bridge loans.
  • a disco themed birthday party complete with dancing and costumes
  • dinner with some old friends from church I haven't seen in a couple of years
  • THE 7TH HARRY POTTER BOOK!!!!!!!!! It was most amazing--I laughed, I cried, I read for 6 hours straight. The perfect end to the epic Harry Potter tale.
  • The purchase of the 7th HP audio CDs. Now I can listen to it all I want!
  • Boating at Chatfield Reservoir
  • Jessie, Timm, and Bella driving through on their way to NC--I was a bit blue.
  • Unbearably hot house--average temperature upstairs: 87 degrees. Ew.
So, as you can see I've been busy this July, but then again who isn't? The heat is by far the most disgusting part of the summer. This is what the butter looks like in our kitchen (it's just sitting there):
How sick is that?


Twenty to Eight--June's Over!

So I really can't believe it's already July! The other night at dinner we were finishing up and just sitting around chatting when someone asked what time it was. Dad announced it was twenty to eight and then Grandma just says "And that's why June went so fast!" We kind of got what she was saying, but we were all pretty confused at first! So we were joking around all night about how when it's five after nine it'll be December and anyway, June went fast and now it's July. I've been blogging as of a year ago yesterday and this past year did go by super fast. I can't believe I go back to school in less than 8 weeks and that I already have a whole year of school behind me.

Anyway, my June temp job ended my assignment a day early which wasn't really a big deal, but definitely a bummer to miss out on the extra $100 I would have earned. So I got Friday and Monday off which was a nice break where I could just hang out and relax and then I got another call for another job that started last Tuesday. I work with accounting and billing for this company that is kind of a central place for those before/after school, summer programs for kids. It's in the opposite direction of the last place and I like it better for a few reasons.
1) I don't have to work with customer service related things. I don't have to answer phones and if I'm in a bad mood I can be in a bad mood because really I just sit in my cubicle (that stays mine the whole time I'm here) and process checks, enrollment forms, etc.
2) I like what I do better because it's just a bit more interesting and it keeps me busy for most of the day.
3) The people are way more friendly. The last place they only talked to me if they absolutely had to and were extremely reserved; I didn't feel too comfortable there. Here they're still not the most gregarious (my standard being the environment and the relationships I had at the bank), but I feel more comfortable. Plus, it's a bigger company so I don't feel like I'm being scrutinized all the time.
4) This job is pretty much guaranteed to go through the time I leave. This is the kind of place where there are a lot of temps and one of them has even been here since November, so it looks like I can keep this job until I go back to school. That's nice for me!
5) I like the location way better because it's not in the middle of nowhere (granted, the mountains are gorgeous) and if I don't feel like packing a lunch I can hop across the street to Chik-Fil-A or Starbucks for breakfast so it's much more consumer friendly. The only close place in Genessee was the disgusting pizza joint filled with leering men. One visit was definitely more than enough for me.
6) I can listen to my iPod while I do my work so I need to get some good Harry Potter CDs on here to keep my ears happy for the next 8 weeks of full time accounting!

So hopefully I'll be able to save some good money the rest of the summer and I really want to hear from the Scholarship Office this week so I really know how much I need to have for next year.

Other tidbits:
Today is Emily's 17th birthday and she's having a party with friends tonight and her nice family birthday dinner on Sunday.

I met some highly highly attractive boys at this party with Jacquelyn's ward and the hottest one asked for my number--score!!

I have to write 25 articles by Tuesday and I'm kind of freaking out about that.

Well, it's quarter after three so it's officially July!
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