okay, i overreacted

So, I overreacted to the prospect of new roommates. We have two new roommates, they're really nice and normal and I'm not feeling compelled to label the silverware. Their names are Emily and Jenika, who both just finished their freshman year. They're socially ept (which is a bit of a change from my last pair of roommates) and I don't think either pair of roommates cares enough to be best friends, but we'll definitely get along and not have major problems.

So, class yesterday was good. I'm going to give it a couple more class periods to officially decide whether or not I like it; the first day of class is always kind of blah because you just go over the syllabus and everything. With spring though, you go over the syllabus, and get started into the actual material. Last week, I got an email from my professor asking us to read 32 of Shakespeare's sonnets before class yesterday, because we need to hit the ground running. So yesterday was a weird conglomeration of boring syllabus talk and actual material. I have Shakespeare every Tuesday and Thursday for two and a half hours--that's a long time . . .

I just came back from editing and I'm actually really excited about it! The material is pretty compacted and the work load will be intense, but it will be good. This class focuses mainly on copyediting, and then the next class I'll be taking hones in on substantive editing. I'm feeling reinvigorated in my career choice as an editor, and I think I'll really learn a lot in this class. I had to buy $150 in books for this one class, but at least I'll be using them all. I have my first test beginning on Monday (?!@#%*@$) and hardcore intense from there on out.

Yesterday in general was just a weird day. The weather was weird (the impending storm feel without any actual storm or rain and it felt like the same time all day), campus was super quiet and empty, Provo in general is super quiet and empty, class was kind of weird, my schedule was kind of weird, and I basically felt like I was in a Twilight Zone episode all day (sans any extraterrestrials). Last night got better though: Katelyn and I went out to Guru's to eat (it's delicious), went to the gym to swim, went to Dairy Queen for Blizzards, and watched the pilot episode of "Prison Break." Last night though, it was unusually hot in the apartment, and we didn't really realize how hot it was until we were both awake at 2:30 in the morning mad because we couldn't sleep. It's been a long time since I haven't been able to sleep because it's too hot. Gross. Once I turned on the A/C and it cooled down a bit, I slept great; I was freezing when I had to get out of bed, but at least I slept soundly from 2:30 to 6:30.


just dump and leave it all behind

This past weekend, I just dumped everything and left it all behind, and went to home to Denver! I finished my finals last Tuesday, hung out on Wednesday, worked on Thursday and Friday, and flew home Friday afternoon. Being home was just great and I wish I could have had a longer break, but alas, classes start today, and in about an hour, I'll be headed up to campus to start the whole school thing all over again. But before I have to delve completely back into reality, here are some weekend pictures for your enjoyment!

John dancing in the kitchen.

John singing American Idol Karaoke (I think this one was "You and Me" by Lifehouse)

Emily's totally sweet kitchen dance moves--this is one of my favorite pictures!

A way cute one of Mom and Sarah on donut night

One of my favorites of my mom and dad :)

The best donuts ever on the celebrated Donut Night

Sarah licking donut glaze off her fingers

Sarah playing with my hair Sunday afternoon

John exhibiting his sa-weet guitar skills

Buddies :)

Rachelle and me on Donut Night!

John and Dad giving me silly looks while we get ready to play American Idol Karaoke

I love home :)


ideas anyone?

So, Katelyn and I are staying in our apartment for spring term, and our other roommates are moving out. We are desperately hoping that we won't get new roommates for the next 7 weeks. We have so many fun plans that would be best if it were just the two of us in the apartment. I'll honestly be surprised if we get new roommates, but not wanting to count our chickens before they hatch, we're devising plans to chase our hypothetical new roommates out of the apartment. Here's what we've come up with so far:

  • For one day, we get work off and spend the entire day in our grubby clothes watching soap operas, eating gallons of ice cream, and crying over boys. Emotional dysfunctionality might be enough to chase some away.
  • Be really, really loud late at night and early in the morning. A forced lack of sleep could really do the job.
  • Never take out the trash. We could accumulate a few bags and place them strategically around the apartment to greet hypothetical new roommates. They wouldn't be actually full of garbage--just look it.
  • A sign on our door with skulls on it saying KEEP OUT.
And my personal favorite:
  • Label ALL of our stuff in the apartment.
    • "These are mine and Katelyn's kitchen chairs--you can't sit in them."
    • "This is Katelyn's TV--you can't watch it."
    • "This is our couch--you have to sit in that one."
    • "This is my mirror--you can't look in it."
    • "This is my lamp--you can't use it."
Seriously, what more do you need to drive out unwanted spring roommates?

Any ideas??



Last day of class was Tuesday, reading days Wednesday and Thursday, final yesterday, final today, finals Monday, final Tuesday. Two down, three to go. I'm kind of lacking a personality.



Only a few people could convince me to play racquet ball for two hours . . . Josh and his roommates are some of them. No surprise, my skill is nil. Josh spent most of the many games we played hitting everything and scoring all the points. I was really good at staying out of the way for the most part--except when the ball hit my head. I became somewhat proficient at serving. The boys we played with were nice and patient--I didn't feel like as much of a racquet ball moron. Me and racquetball??? Figure that one out. Tyler said I should come play with them again, and then I'll get better. We'll see.

Conference Weekend

I just love Conference weekend! Conference weekend is like a vacation to me, and it was such a needed and rejuvenating break to be able to sit and listen to our living prophets speak to us. The cable in my apartment is being really weird, so Katelyn and I went over to Josh's apartment to watch all the sessions of Conference. I took some great notes, and also was able to just sit and listen without taking notes--I think both approaches have their advantages.

Favorite talks include:
  • Elder Wirthlin's about those who are lost
  • Elder Scott's about abuse
  • Elder Oaks's about testimonies
  • Elder Bednar's about prayer
  • President Uchtdorf's about the faith of our fathers
  • President Monson's closing testimony
  • And so many more!!
The thing I loved the most though about this Conference was the opportunity I had to stand in the Solemn Assembly. I've been looking forward to that ever since we learned about it in my Living Prophets class after President Hinckley's death. I loved standing with Katelyn in the living room, knowing that my mom, and so many others I love were standing with me; I loved seeing Josh and his roommates stand, knowing that my dad, grandpa, and other priesthood holders were standing at the exact same time; I loved knowing that my brother was standing with other Aaronic Priesthood holders all throughout the world; I loved standing with everyone, knowing that millions of members all over the world were standing with me. I felt so unified with so many people I love, even though so many of those I love are far away. I loved the strength I felt I was giving to President Monson. I loved being able to sustain him and mean it, knowing that he is, in truth, a prophet of God. I love loving being a member of the Church!

a couple of weekends ago . . .

I need to do a quick update on life, because finally now my internet is working, and I have a few pictures to post, and a few bullet point updates to give.
A couple of weekends ago, I had my orchestra concert, and then I went to the Hare Krishna Festival of Colors down in Spanish Fork with Josh (the guy I went on that date with a few weeks ago) and his roommates. It was so much fun! I got covered in pink and green chalky powder, and it was a blast! Here are a few pictures from that weekend.

Erica and me after the orchestra concert. We played Brahm's "Hungarian Dance," Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony," and Tchaichovsky's "Swan Lake." It was a great concert!

This is me and Josh after the concert!

This is the brushed off, relatively clean me after the festival. I brushed off most of it--it was insane! I washed my hair three times.


tagged from Leslie

So, I just recently checked my friend, Leslie's, blog this morning, and had quite an enjoyable time reading her posts from the past couple of weeks. Much to my surprise (and shame that I didn't check her blog a week and a half ago), I was tagged. So, here it goes.

10 Years Ago
Ten years ago, I was in the 4th grade, and had probably just started playing the violin. Mom and Dad were wary about my wanting to play the violin, but I said I would practice, and I did. Now I've been playing for ten years, and I've loved it most of the time. I love my violin!!

5 Things on My To-Do List Today
1. Work on my civ paper comparing the searches for knowledge of both Socrates and Oedipus. I'm pretty close to finishing.
2. Cook dinner. I'm making homemade mac and cheese, and Josh is coming over for dinner.
3. Bake first bag of taste testing oatmeal cookies, and answer questionaire. Who knows how this could go?
4. Continue writing the Budget Office handbook. I know--it's fascinating.
5. Will my internet in my apartment to start working again.

What I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire
I would pay off my entire schooling, buy a car, purchase a Mac, get a cabin up in Steamboat Springs, and put the rest into some sort of investment or savings account. Don't forget the trip to Borders where I would buy anything and everything I wanted. If I could, I'd also buy some more time so I could read what I bought at Borders.

Places I've lived
Provo, UT
Lakewood/Golden/Wheat Ridge, CO
Grandma's house
Katelyn's dorm room

Things Most People Don't Know About Me
I actually think science is interesting--I just hate the boring, stupefying GEs I have to take.
I can type 70-75 wpm.
I love using Adobe InDesign.
Tuna fish sandwiches are my favorite.
I hate sleeping on the top bunk.

I tag Michelle, Diana, Jill, Jessie, and April!
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