:: I am loving this holiday season so far. We have our tree up, and it's delightful.

:: It's been a busy week returning back to normal after our Denver trip. In fact, I think this whole month will be a busy one. With regular things like grocery shopping and cleaning the bathroom, we have Christmas parties, doctor appointments, and even a wedding in Utah to squeeze in.

:: I also have some sewing to get done. I'm this close to finishing this jacket, and I have a Christmas dress in mind to start.

:: I have a couple of Christmas presents to pump out soon, but really I'm not making many presents this year. I'm totally okay with that.

:: In fact, I have lots of my shopping done already.

:: What are your leftovers this week?


month three

:: That is a nine-month onesie the boy is wearing.
:: He's only three months.
:: He is a very long babe.

:: He produces lots of drool.
:: And then likes to accessorize your outfit with it.
:: He's also a big hand-sucker.
:: Sometimes he'll try and suck on both his hand and his pacifier.
:: But he rarely spits up.
:: In fact, when he does spit up, I'm never prepared for it.

:: His nighttime sleep was pretty good, then regressed, then progressed.
:: We're ahead with nighttime sleep.
:: Daytime sleep, though, is a whole different story.
:: Some days are great.
:: And others are definitely not great.
:: Why won't he just believe me when I say that he'll feel better if he naps?

:: I'm convinced Asher has dimples.
:: Josh isn't convinced.
:: The cheek chub effectively hides them.
:: But they flash out occasionally.
:: His elbows have chub dimples.
:: As do his knuckles.

:: He'll laugh sometimes.
:: But sometimes you think it's a laugh when really it's a precursor to a cry.
:: He's good at psyching us out like that.

:: He's not quite as fond of the car seat as he used to be.
:: But he'll usually calm down once we get moving.

:: If he's rested, then he's the happiest, most easy-going babe.
:: If he's not rested . . . well, good luck, sucker.

:: Tummy time, while mostly avoided, has been getting better.
:: He loves soft things against his face.
:: So maybe that's why he's happy keeping his head on the ground during this particular tummy time session.
:: If you make a blanket cave over his head while you're holding him, he'll almost always start falling asleep.

:: He talks all the time.
:: You know, that baby jabber that's adorable.
:: He's perfectly wonderful.


a very thankful thanksgiving

Whenever I go home and see my family, I feel reunited with a piece of me that can only be found in those Rocky Mountain foothills. Or maybe it's a piece that can be found only with my parents and siblings, regardless of their location.

I experienced so many wonderful moments this past week. All of my siblings met Asher.

My mom and dad got to love on their grandson over and over.

Asher obliged us all with engaging in peek-a-boo.

And he was delightedly thrilled when Josh joined us later in the week.

We indulged in Wood traditions like chocolate turkeys and kitchen dancing.

Mom made delicious food throughout the whole week, including a Biscuit Banquet for John (biscuits are probably his favorite dinner item ever).

And don't forget the many, many rolls, which didn't make it through to Saturday.

We tried our best to help Asher get some sleep during the day, but he would have none of it.

That is, until he would collapse in crying exhaustion.

I hadn't had a Thanksgiving with my family since I got married, so this week was much anticipated and greatly savored.

My life is full--oh so full and beautiful.











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almost there

Last night I put Asher under the play gym for a few minutes while I tried to squeeze some sewing in before dinner. Whenever I set him up with the play gym, it looks something like this.

{circa 6 weeks}

Last night, however, I look over and see this.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a pivoting back scooter on our hands. His manueverings were a result of trying to accomplish a bodily milestone. After half an hour of this he was getting pretty frustrated and so we called it a night.


He's so close. We'll keep you posted.


T minus 3 days

In three days the babe and I leave for Denver. (Josh will be joining us next week, since he doesn't have vacation time yet.)

In spite of my long to-do list this week, all three of us have been taken down by a small cold bug. Asher's case seems to be the most mild, but regardless it's relegated us to a pajama day.

Any tips for a baby with a cold? Any tips for traveling with a baby with a cold? Or traveling with a baby, period? (Just so you know where I stand on parent advice, know that I am not above drugging my child on the plane.)


that weekend a few weekends ago

Remember that Josh and I had an anniversary? Remember that I mentioned something about going to the coast to celebrate? Well we did, and it was fantastic.

We kicked off our day trip with breakfast at our favorite breakfast joint in town, Biscuits.

Then we drove two and a half hours to Newport where we hit up the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

We saw starfish and creepy fish and jellyfish.

And sharks.


After we finished up at the aquarium we headed to the beach where it was C.O.L.D.

We had to really bundle up Asher, and once he was nice and cozy and not crying, he dozed for a bit while Josh flew his kite.

(You didn't think you'd get away with a coast post without hearing about Josh and his kite, did you?)

We headed to the bayfront where we saw ocean-y murals like this one.

And then we treated ourselves to halibut fish 'n' chips and chowder at Mo's, where we stuffed ourselves silly and then headed home.

That weekend a few weekends ago was so wonderful. I hope you have some wonderful weekends in your back pocket too.


savoring the days

Yesterday we were at the doctor's office in the waiting room, and Asher just smiled and smiled and smiled.

Over and over his face broke into smiles so big he could hardly contain them.


I swam in the love lavished on me by my little boy and basked in his radiated happiness. And still a part of my heart hurt, because these days swiftly pass. Even as a mother of only eleven weeks, I know this truth. Time moves unsolicitously onward, to places perhaps still wonderful but all too devoid of a babe's smiles.

I want to bottle up these days, these days when Asher is my pal because he that's all he wants to be, when I'm his world and he mine. I want to preserve the snuggles of the midnight feedings and his responsive coos of recognition.

These days of babyhood are so different from how I imagined them. This job is hard and demanding and emotional, yet I find myself drowning in love for my family, unable to catch my breath for the surges of devotion that wash on my heart daily.

I want to savor these days and remember them always, for they are fleeting.


skinny jeans and instagram

Several years ago in a fit of fashion bravery I tried on skinny jeans in a store. It did not go over great. I promptly put them back on the merchandise rack and bought a pair of trusty boot-cut jeans instead.

In September when I was prepping for the shopping spree with my mom, the LOFT was having a killer sale, and I saw this pair of skinny jeans--this bright mustard yellow pair of pants. And I was sold.

For years I've been content with lesser phones: the dumb ones, the ones that can't take good pictures and don't link up to Instagram. Then when Josh upgraded his phone to the new iPhone 5 (from a true dunce of a phone), I found a great deal for a refurbished 4S, and I feel revolutionized.

So, here I am, wearing bright yellow skinny jeans and Instagramming all my pictures. Hello, 21st century. It's about time you and I met.

{If you're dying to follow me on Instagram, you can find me @charlotte_wilson2010.}


you might not know

You might not know that

:: I get occular migraines, which means I get the visual halo and sometimes nausea without the pain of a migraine. They still make me feel super crummy.
:: When I posted this I had just executed a painful and needed break-up, closing a particularly emotional chapter of my life.
:: Starting our family when we did was Josh's idea. It took me a week or so to warm up to the idea.
:: In spite of ourselves Josh and I secretly watch--and enjoy--The Mindy Project.
:: It's Tim-Tam Slam season, folks. Head to your local Target and stock up. Obviously.
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