a good, old-fashioned list

:: First off, thank you for the encouraging and enthusiastic response to The Creative Domestic. Really, it means the world to me. I've posted a few times already and am so excited to see where this blog goes.

:: Secondly, thank you again for the wonderful response to my post about the current events being publicized about my church. If you ever have any questions about the issue, I'd love to answer them for you. I just love knowing that I can write about things close to my heart and have those thoughts received so well on this space. Thanks for helping me make this space one of safety.

{Josh told me to take a picture of Asher's hair on this particular Sunday, because its styling was the ideal. I live with some pretty cool dudes.}

:: On Monday I got to spend some time with Katelyn, one of my all-time favorites. I think it's a heaven-sent blessing that I happen to live in her motherland, because she comes up to visit Oregon at least once a year. Every minute I spend with her is lovely. We walked up and down Alberta Street in Portland, where we browsed patterns and fabric in Bolt and found the most adorable toy store. And we found the most delicious pain au chocolat you'll ever eat outside of France itself. We were caught in a torrential downpour near the end that left me drenched and Asher bewildered.

{We have a couple of public splash parks around here, and Asher spent a solid 20 minutes sticking his face in this water spout.}

:: I've been feeling some serious motivation for home improvement projects. And by "home improvement" I mean finally painting that accent wall in the dining area and sprucing up that big frame on my mantle. I can credit this motivation surge to this book.

:: That spring cold is finally on its way out of here. And it is not welcome to return.

{The "helmie" with "cahrs."}

:: We bought Asher a helmet for when we ride our bikes with the bike trailer. And it's pretty much all he can talk about. His "helmie" has "cahrs" on it. I'm not usually into character paraphernalia, but I just couldn't resist buying him a helmet with Lightning McQueen on it. I mean, come on. I have a soul.

:: I scored some cute finds at Goodwill today. Whenever I mention to anyone in the Portland area the specific town in which I live, I get, "Oo, they have the best Goodwill!" I'm keeping my eyes out for a cute area rug to go under the dining room table.

{Asher and our friend Ben at the zoo a couple of weeks ago, laughing at the hippos. We had to fight with a million and one elementary school kids for this primo viewing spot, since apparently we decided to go on The Day of All the Field Trips.}

:: Pretty much none of these photos have anything to do with anything I'm listing, with the exception of the Lightning McQueen helmet. But I just had to post them, because this boy is my favorite.


Twitterature: pre-summer reading

I have a summer reading list about 30 books long, so we'll see how far I actually make it this year. I'm pretty optimistic given that I'm one book away from meeting my annual goal(!). I've been reading some great books lately. Somehow when I read one good book it propels me into reading another and another until I'm finished with my challenge only six months into the year. And now I present Twitterature: the pre-summer reading edition.
Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing: A Modern Guide to Couture-Style Sewing Using Basic Vintage Techniques, by Gretchen Hirsch
4 stars, A great sewing reference, especially for vintage and tailored sewing. I'm eager to try out new techniques and vintage-inspired patterns. I especially love how Gertie embraces femininity. #sewingreading #femininityforever
5 stars, A wonderful reference to sewing with knits. I feel more confident in sewing with different fabrics and excited to explore the knit side of sewing--I may have converted to knits as a favorite medium! #sewingreading #knitnerd

4 stars, An enjoyable collection of memoir-esque essays about food and hospitality. I especially enjoyed her spiritual insights about food and why we gather. Her seeming constant calendar of dinner parties did leave this introvert feeling a bit exhausted, however #introvertlife #foodiememoir #iwantcakenow

5 stars, Must-read nonfiction. Louis's story is unbelievable and emotional and inspiring. This book is everything nonfiction should be: engaging, thought-provoking, detailed, inspiring. #lifechanger #WWIIbuff

All Clear, by Connie Willis
3 stars, An audio read, this book may be best listened to when you have a long stretch of time to listen. The conclusion to the book Blackout, we finally learn what happens to our favorite time-traveling historians. Once I got into the groove, I really enjoyed how everything resolved. #audiobooksforthewin #historicalscifi

Someday, Someday, Maybe, by Lauren Graham
4 stars, A surprisingly enjoyable read by my favorite Gilmore Girls star. Follows the life of a wannabe actress as she struggles to find herself in the acting industry in NYC. Maybe cliche, but unexpectedly endearing #beachread #chicklit

Claire of the Sea Light, by Edwidge Danticat
2 stars, A recommendation from a podcast, I was let down by this book. I didn't connect with the characters and was not-at-all invested in the story. A big letdown. #subpar #idontrecommendit

The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green
4.5 stars, A long overdue read, I finally succumbed to the hype. Not usually a fan of cancer books, I found myself engaged and involved the story. A story not about cancer but about two kids who happen to have cancer. Well worth your time. #tearjerker #YAlit #livesuptothehype

What have you been reading lately? Anything worth adding to my summer reading list? I'll be posting another Twitterature update at the end of the summer with reviews for all of my summer books!

I'm linking up to Modern Mrs. Darcy's monthly Twitterature post. If you haven't already, check out her blog. It's on my must-read-everyday list.


on knowing and not knowing

As a Mormon, I've witnessed plenty of publicized drama surrounding my church during the past several months. I have my own opinions about the movements and the activism that I'll sum up quickly: I don't agree with the activism, though I do wholeheartedly agree that it's okay to have questions and doubts. However--the ways in which we ask are just as important as the questions themselves. And that's probably where I part most from these more public seekers.

News about church disciplinary actions have been making their swift way through my social media feeds, and I have many feelings about it all. Mostly, I'm sad. I'm sad when one's seeking leads them down a hard road, when the men and women who surround them abandon them and draw lines in the sand. I'm sad when one's seeking leads others away from a gospel whose message is Come and join with us. I'm sad when the fallibility of members is confused with the doctrine of Christ. I'm sad when I see such division in a faith that has the potential to enjoy so much unity.

I don't have all the answers. I don't know all the details behind the scenes of these individuals' actions and choices. I don't know the full picture. And I don't need to. I know that we are fallen creatures, that none of us is perfect, and optimistically, that most of us are really trying our best.

So I try my best. I move forward with what I know--that Jesus Christ is our Savior, literally risen from the dead to redeem us; that God's prophet will never lead me away from God; that I can receive answers to my questions if I honestly and humbly seek; that I can feel peace in my heart even when I don't have all the answers.

I won't gossip about these news stories. I won't pass judgment, because that's not my job. I'll pray--for myself, for my family, and for those in the midst of spiritual struggle and turmoil. I'll teach my family how to receive their own witnesses and how to nurture their own testimonies. I'll seek my own personal witness of this beautiful truth and trust that "what [I] know will always be more than what [I] don't know."

Let's stop making this about them and us and focus on Jesus Christ, through whom everything will someday be made right. Let's address our own individual shortcomings before we assume the responsibility to pass judgment on another. Let's be faithful together, even amid our differences--let's find unity in our Savior. That's what this whole life is about.


introducing the Creative Domestic

So, guys. I had this idea a while ago, and I've been working through it for weeks now. It's part of the reason that I haven't been posting here as frequently as I used to. And now I'm ready to tell you about it.

OK. I started a new blog.

It's called The Creative Domestic.

And it's a blog about sewing. Mostly.

OK, now you know.

I've spent much of the past several weeks navigating my way around web hosting, domains, CSS coding, plugins, Photoshop, and web servers. I built my site mostly on my own and suffered only one ugly-crying meltdown. And now I'm ready to make it happen.

I've been feeling stuck in a blogging rut. Much of what I wanted to write about is sewing-related, and I know that not everyone shares my passion for the craft. Not everyone cares about fiber content and presser feet and indie pattern companies. Not everyone enjoys spending hours sorting through patterns to add to their to-buy list or slowly making their way through fabric aisles. But here's the thing: I enjoy those things. A lot.

I didn't want this personal blog to suddenly turn into an unfocused, quasi-sewing blog, so I just started a completely new blog. The Creative Domestic. It's a more professional space than this one. Like, it's a .com blog. Not a wordpress.com or blogspot.com blog. A dot-com-the-bomb blog. I set up a couple of social media accounts for the Creative Domestic and want to be a more involved participant in the online sewing community. (Didn't know there was such a thing? Well there is, and it's awesome.) And this blog may occasionally dabble into non-sewing topics like baking and chocolate. Obviously.

Where does that leave Small & Trivial? Right here. It's still a space I need, but maybe just not a space I need as much as I used to. I can't just leave. But I may be posting less frequently than I was this time last year. I love writing here, and I love interacting with all of you. Now you just won't have to put with my sewing nerdery if sewing and textiles isn't your thing.

So go and check out The Creative Domestic when you get a chance, and if it's not your thing, great. Maybe you know someone who would like it? It if is, then awesome! And maybe you also know someone who would like it? You're the best.

I wish I could tell you that I'm signing off to start a new sewing project, but my whole head is still full of all that thick cold junk. So I'm actually going downstairs to watch some Downton Abbey. Thanks for reading. I'm just so glad you're here. Always.


waging a war

Readers, it's been a full-out war over here. It's nature versus the Wilsons. And nature has been winning.

My allergies have been hellish--think puffy, itchy eyes; runny, itchy nose; and itchy itchy throat hell. It's been awful. And then when I tried to pick up some Alavert-D at the pharmacy counter, Oregon denies me saying that in Oregon I need a prescription. I may or may not have teared up at the pharmacy counter and then proceeded to vilify this hippee-dippee state throughout the weekend.

And Asher fought an on-again-off-again fever for a week, finishing up with snot and coughing. And then on top of my allergies, I just picked up Asher's bug. So now that my allergies are finally under control (because you can bet your daily fountain drink that I got that damn prescription) I have sinuses full of never-ending snot. (TMI? Maybe? Nah.)

This whole past week has been full of children's TV programs, Cars, and too many tissues. (And does anyone else choke up when almost all of Radiator Springs shows up as Lightning McQueen's pit crew? And then when Lightning pushes the King to the finish line? Anyone? No? Well.)

And no one tells you that when your kid is sick for a week that you'll end up spending the next week reteaching all of those things you had previously conquered. Like falling asleep on your own. And not watching TV all day. And keeping the pacifier and blanket in your room. So pretty much your toddler's whole world falls apart once he's not sick enough to transcend Mom's house rules.


What wars have you been fighting lately? Are you winning? Because I'm not sure I am.

*face palm*
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