An Evening Out Under the Sea

For my birthday, my friends Rachelle, Jon, and Ben took me to see the new Broadway musical, "The Little Mermaid" last Thursday. It was so good! There were still a few kinks they were working out before because this is its trial run before it hits New York, but I thought it was awesome! The sets were amazing: the water looked like shimmering water and they shifted from under the sea to the ship above the water and it all looked so realistic. The mermaids and sea creatures glided around the stage on skates so it looked smoother and the costumes in general were amazing! The kid who played Flounder was absolutely incredible; he was this little black kid who could belt like I've never heard a 10 year old! Ursula's costume was also so cool--everything was so cool!

We went out to the Cheesecake Factory before and I got herb grilled salmon with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes--it was so good! We were running a bit late though so we had to literally run to the theater. We left the restaurant at 7:45 (the show started at 8) and sped our way to the DCPA (Denver Center of the Performing Arts--it includes a few different stages), almost lost out at the $8 cash or check parking garage where no one had cash, but luckily Jon had his check book (what kind of establishment accepts checks but not a debit card?!), and then ran down three or four flights of stairs to the opera house. Phew! On my way down the stairs though my shoe came untied so I had to run barefoot. It was quite the adventure to get there, but once we sat down and the music started, I knew it was so worth it! I bought a pretty new outfit for the occasion from Ann Taylor Loft the night before and so I felt especially dressed up and I also bought a Mermaid t-shirt which is also pretty awesome. The CD isn't out yet (I guess because it's not officially on Broadway yet), but I do plan on buying it when it's available.

It was a most excellent evening and a most excellent birthday present--yay!

Housesitting Compensation Update: Last night I called the people I housesat for and just asked if there was a miscommunication on their end or a misunderstanding on mine and they didn't plan on paying me more, but were very kind and asked how much more I'd like. While it's not the answer I wanted, I just asked for $50 to cover what I had to put into the car. (I factored out the gas I had to buy to go up to Vail). It was kind of an awkward conversation, but this woman is a very direct woman and so I felt I could be direct in turn. I hope she's not affronted by my audacious phone call, but I do feel slightly gratified.


everything's better in the morning

Regardless of what's bothering you, I think it all seems better in the morning after a good night's sleep. Yesterday was not such a hot day. I had to drive back to the house sitting house after work, which is an hour's drive in itself, and then you add to that the fact that the light at a major intersection went out resulting in stop and go traffic for a few miles while that intersection turned into a 4 way stop--ew. Then I had to wait at their house for 45 more minutes until Janice (the mom) got home so Dean (the dad) could take me home without having to bring the kids. This was hard enough because I just wanted so bad to go home. Then when Dean drove me home there was no mention of paying me; Janice said I would be paid in addition to the gas and groceries money (even with that I had to put $70-80 of my own for gas), but I just don't know. With nothing said, I don't know what to think. If I don't get paid I'll be livid; I totally would NOT have done this if I didn't think I'd be compensated. I missed out on Vail and everything all because I thought I'd be paid, so if not . . . There's nothing I can do about it now, but that was the cherry on top yesterday. I had a breakdown last night and was just so tired and so frustrated with that whole situation and I got out a good cry. I went to bed with a cold pack on my eyes and with a few tears leaking out, fell into a deep sleep for the night.

I woke up this morning with my eyes still a bit puffy, but I definitely felt better because in the first place, I didn't have to wake up at 6--I got to sleep until 6:30!! Half an hour made a big difference for me :) It was just what I needed, to wake up in my own bed and see my family before I left for the day. While I still don't know if I'll be paid or how much, I'm feeling way better than last night; exhaustion exacerbates everything. Tonight Mom and I are going to Ann Taylor Loft so I can find a new outfit for seeing "The Little Mermaid" tomorrow night (it's turned into a Broadway musical that is opening in Denver!!--Rachelle is taking me for my birthday) and then I plan on watching the "So You Think You Can Dance" finale (I'm rooting for Sabra and Neil--Lacey's trampy and Danny's arrogant) and just soaking in the amazing feeling of being home.

Everything looks better in the morning :)


just so tired

I am SO incredibly ready to be finished with this house sitting thing. It was fun for the first week but now I'm closing in on my second I'm so sick of it. It's so far away from home and work and I feel like I really have been out of town even though I've spent a little bit of time at home almost everyday. What really got me was that I couldn't go up to Vail with my family last weekend. We've all been so busy the past month and I really haven't just hung out with with my family much and Vail would have been the perfect opportunity. I drove up there on Sunday for the day, but it just wasn't the same. And then just when I was so excited that Sunday was my last night, the people's flight was delayed out of Glasgow and so they missed all their connecting flights back into Denver. One more night. I know it may not seem like that big of a deal, but I'm just so tired: so tired of the long drives everywhere, so tired of having to bring clothes back and forth, so tired of that stupid dog, so tired of not being home and not seeing my family. I leave in just over two weeks and this house sitting thing makes me feel cheated out of some of the precious time I have left. I think I'd be more okay with the whole thing had I not missed out on vacation and I really just need to get over it, but it's hard to not dwell on the unfairness of it all. Then again, life wasn't meant to be fair.

I'll be home for sure this evening. I drove their car to work again this morning (I'm growing to deeply resent that hour long drive because I'm so tired every morning) and I'll drive it back there when they'll take me home. I mean it's a nice house and they're so generous with everything, but it's not home with my family. Yeah, they do have air conditioning, but I'd rather spend my time in an oven house with my parents and brother and sisters than in a cool house by myself.

Sorry for the complaining; I'm just in that mode where I'm feeling almost panicky and stretched so far I can't do it anymore. I know I'm a freakish homebody and am totally fine with watching movies with my parents instead of going out with someone, so I don't know how many others experience that panicky "I NEED HOME!!" feeling. Today I feel like I'm constantly on the brink of tears just because I'm so tired and want so bad to just be home. I'm just so tired--of everything.


Profile Picture

So I've tried this profile picture thing a million times--let's hope this one works.

Nellie the Neurotic Licker

Starting about a week ago I've been house/dog sitting for one of Mom's good friends and so far it's been a success. The biggest downside is that the house is about 40 minutes away from mine and an hour away from work, however the fringe benefits by far outweigh the cons. I get to drive their new, cute little Honda Accord (complete with a 6 disc CD changer, AC, power everything, and a sunroof--all features a treat for me!), have anyone over I want, and they gave me $140 for gas and groceries plus they're paying me. This is a totally sweet set up! Their dog Nellie (we're not sure what kind of dog she is--they got her from some Mexican pound) is cute and sweet but completely neurotic and she's a licker. She'll lick your feet, legs, jeans, arms, whatever and it's about to drive me insane! She wouldn't be so obnoxious if she would just sit still. You can usually show her who's boss by doing this bizarre sound (a rough, growling kind of Baa! and not the sheep sound) which makes you feel stupid at first but once you realize it works, you use it all the time. The house is really nice and it's fun to come and just crash. Here are a couple of pictures of the "great room" (this is a huge area that includes the family room, dining room, and kitchen--it's really cool!)

In other happenings, this morning my contact broke at work, necessitating a drive back home to put in my spare lens, however this meant a drive with only one contact in. At the time it wasn't so bad (thank goodness--talk about tender mercies), but almost as soon as I got back to work, I started getting this huge migraine. I pressed on until about 2:45 and then I couldn't take it anymore. I explained my malady to my supervisor and promptly drove home. This was the kind of migraine where it's not just on your head, but it goes down your neck and the pain seeps into your eye on the side where it's all happening. I felt sick to my stomach and experienced waves of nausea when I thought I just might throw up--good thing I didn't eat much this morning. After I got home, Mom got me some Furocet and Excedrin combination because I had nothing with me at work and I hung out there for about an hour after which I began my drive back to the house sitting house, which took an hour because of traffic. Ew. I'm feeling much better now though. When I got back I took a shower and got into my pajamas which is always a good combination for comfort and I plan on an early bedtime. Migraine, you're going down!

Also today, I received a Good Mail early birthday package from blogger Anne! I've never met her or read her blog before today, but the note was so cute and just said that she saw my birthday was the day after hers and thought that merited a little bit of Good Mail. Thanks Anne!

It's such a cute card! Not much else going on in my life right now besides putting off repacking all my stuff and a family weekend up in Vail without me due to Neurotic Nellie. Blast.



For basically the whole month of July I've been a slacker of a runner. I ran only a few times and haven't been running at all in two or three weeks. At first I didn't notice much of a difference, but now I do. This isn't good. One reason for this lapse (that I believe legitmate anyway), is the fact that during the time it works for me to go running (around 5:30 because I have to leave for work earlier than I used to) it's dark outside. The sun comes up later, but I don't like starting out when it's dark out (not winter dark, but there's no distinct sunlight). Running in the dark is disconcerting for me. I should probably figure out another plan so I can get back on track, but it's hard! (Especially when I've become accustomed to the extra 45 minutes of sleep). I'll try and recommit next week and figure out a new plan for my exercise. I did so well for a couple of months. Blast.
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