that's it--i'm done

I studied all night last night--at least 5 hours (not to mention the multiple hours from other days)--for this stupid British Lit test from another new professor so it's not like I knew his style anyway, I take it this afternoon, and spend the expected hour and a half in the Testing Center. We had to answer 10 out of 15 short answer questions and 6 out of 8 passage ID/significance questions for a total of 150 points possible. On one of the ID passages I am torn between "The Rape of the Lock" by Alexander Pope and "Vanity of Human Wishes" by Samuel Johnson because the style of both these poets is almost identical: the same cadence to the writing, the same kind of language, the same rhyming style, the same opinions of society, and after an intense battle with myself I choose Johnson's "Vanity of Human Wishes" and go on for a long paragraph about what he means by this poem which I hated anyway. I leave the testing center and immediately look up the answer in my Norton anthology and I am wrong. It was Pope. I hate Pope. That's a potential 15 points down the drain. After all that studying--that's it--I'm done--see ya.


disintegrating . . .

I feel like my brain is disintegrating. My motivation: -7 My desire for break: 468827. Yesterday I was actually motivated and I guess I was productive--I worked on my British Lit paper all afternoon and finished most of it, but I still had so much to do and so my progress on my paper didn't feel like much. Good grief. Last night, when I still had two short papers to write, Katelyn and I kind of lost it and started making up new noises that we thought were funny (I know--as if we're 7--I know). That's where I am right now in my finals life. Ew.

Today was my last day of my MWF classes which was nice, but I was actually really sad to leave my religion class because it was my most favorite class this semseter. I learned SO much in that class and I felt so connected with all the other students. It was bittersweet--I'm glad it's the last day for some classes, but sad because I loved that class and the people in that class so much. :(

I had my orchestra concert last night which went well I think. It was lots of fun and a couple of girls from work came to see it! Katelyn would have come but she was sick :( It was kind of weird and sad though that my family couldn't come like they came when I was in high school and stuff. It was fun to perform though and fun to dress up and fun to hear people clap for you. I don't know how amazing we were, but it was fun nonetheless.

My good friend Erica and me

So tonight since I don't have orchestra, I'm going to go to pilates at the gym with Katelyn and our friend Viktoria which should be fun. And I feel like I'm rambling with no real coherence to my writing, however I don't think I'll fix it because it's an accurate representation of my state of mind.


my christmas wishes

So Mom had us all make Christmas Wishes lists and I just finished mine yesterday. They all had to comprise of Big Wishes, Medium Wishes, Small Wishes, and Christmas Goals. They didn't necessarily have to be realistic, but it was fun! I might try this every year!

Mine looked really cute with colors and little drawings, but as a PDF file it won't upload and I'm currently too lazy to take a picture, put it onto my computer, and upload it to blogger so here's just the lists and not any of the fun aesthetic-ness.

Big Wishes
  • a Mac computer **it can't be one that restarts itself and the "i" key has to work**
  • a car that can get to Provo and back -- reliably
  • no more hairglobs in my apartment
  • $360 for my violin lessons next semester
  • any kind of cooking stuff (e.g. pots/pans, meat fork, whatever!)
  • a DVR for my apartment
Medium Wishes
  • books, books, and more books!! (this is harking back to a Christmas list I made when I was 9 or 10--it makes us laugh :) )
  • rain boots (refer to previous post)
  • trendy clothes
  • "The Office" season 3
  • an apron
  • the end of the writers' strike :)
Small Wishes
  • big earrings
  • any scrapbooking supplies
  • headbands
  • iTunes money
  • cookbooks
  • some flats
  • cute skirts/tops
  • scrapbook magazines/book
  • movies (any I would like--"Nancy Drew" if it ever comes out--oo "Bride and Prejudice!)
  • apartment decor
  • slippers
  • long necklaces
Christmas Goals
  • stay motivated and finish out the semester strong
  • pray and read my scriptures diligently
  • find ways to quietly serve others
  • spend my money wisely and responsibly--even though there are many fun things to buy!
  • remember to count my blessings
  • better implement the Atonement in my life
Important Dates (this is one I added :) )
  • December 13: last day of class!
  • December 20: last final!
  • December 21: HOME!!!
So those are my Christmas wishes this year--some of them are realistic and some are not but that's why they're wishes I guess! Any Christmas wishes you have this year, realistic or otherwise??

oh ps--I just watched"Waitress" with my roommates and loved it! Just thought I'd throw that out there if you're looking for a movie to rent--it's funny, thought-provoking, and sweet :)


cold feet

It's been raining all day and on my way to class this morning, my feet got all wet inside. I didn't even step in a large puddle; water just seeped inside my shoes (granted they're $10 flat tennis shoes from Target and they are kind of falling apart). It's almost 2 and my feet are still wet and cold and probably won't be warm until I go back to the apartment and change. When I walk, my shoes squish and when I'm outside I feel the water slosh underneath my socks. Ew. Ew and brr. And yet I still love rainy days like today . . . go figure.


quintessential first day of december

As all of you who live here know, yesterday this is what it looked like outside (Katelyn woke me up excitedly to show me!):

and this was at 11 in the morning--sa-weet!!!

Can you think of a more perfect way to kick off December?! I submit that there is not. So anyway, Katelyn and I woke up around nine or so, got ready, and ate breakfast while watching the most recent episode of "Chuck" online (Emily and Dad converted me to that show--it's pretty hilarious). Then we got to make an exciting trip to the storage unit to pick up Katelyn's Christmas tree we decided to use in our apartment. She also had to pick up some more things from the storage unit and much to our benefit, almost all of it was in one bin that was sitting right on top.

We ran to the bank and then picked up Katelyn's brother so he could have the car. We then made mac and cheese for lunch and continued to watch the "Chuck" episode we didn't finish (and also did not go to the stake service project up in SLC--who wants to go to Salt Lake when you can stay in your cozy apartment eating KRAFT mac and cheese and watching TV shows online??) The best part about the snow of the day was that it continued to snow all day and it was cloudy and like Michelle said in her post yesterday, a true Winter Wonderland!

I was actually productive a little bit yesterday: I worked on some articles and read for British Lit, however I gave up on the articles (that were actually due, but I just emailed the guy explaining my problem) because my computer was being unusually retarded yesterday. I've had this problem with the "i" key and it comes off and it's really hard to put back on and my efforts yesterday were fruitless. Oh yeah, and my computer kept restarting itself all afternoon--good grief. I think next summer when I have a bit of money it will be time to find a new one that *hopefully* won't give me so much trouble. [*The "i" key still isn't working too well, so this whole typing thing isn't coming so easy . . . but I just had to post about yesterday because I knew if I didn't do it now I wouldn't do it and I'd end up only having 3 posts for December like in November . . . sorry . . . rambling . . . ]

So after some school and work things, then we decorated our apartment!!

Our super cute little Christmas tree!

Me decorating the Christmas tree--I love the snow in the background!

Julie putting up some colored lights she got from her grandma (they kind of look like fiesta lights!)

More decorating endeavors--I'm glad I didn't fall off :)

Katelyn and I went out to dinner at Wendy's last night which was a fun excursion and then we went up to campus to pick up Katelyn's brother again and while we were waiting we had a bit too much fun with the camera . . .

What can we say? It was REALLY cold

I'm a super spy

I don't know what I can say about this one . . .

A cute one of Katelyn

A cute one of Katelyn and me . . . well it's cute of Katelyn. Not my favorite one of me

Oh wait--our day isn't over yet! We went back to the apartment and then pulled out the Easy Bake oven. That's right--the Easy Bake oven. We tried making some Easy Bake sugar cookies that were not so great . . . . We watched "The Family Stone" (which was better than I thought it would be) and "Tristan and Isolde" (which also was better than I thought it would be). Then we went to bed.

A perfect December day.

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