same old, same old with some impulsiveness mixed in

So I know I haven't posted in a while, but really my life has been the same--school, school, work, school, and building excitement for going home. Oh and did I mention school?? I'm done with all my finals but one and that's nice and I go home on Saturday. Dad drives out on Thursday and then we hit the road a couple days later! Yay!

I can't believe my freshman year of college is already over--I feel like I'm more officially in college now. Now that I've survived a year away from home, taking harder classes, and having to make all new friends, I feel officially collegiate.

So the past week and a half all I've been doing is schoolwork and last night I was completely fed up with it. Thus, I decided to convince Katelyn to take an impulse trip to the dollar theater and see "Music and Lyrics." I was so glad we went to see it because it was exactly what I needed. The movie was hilarious and cute (I love Hugh Grant) and my impulsiveness carried on into the concessions where I bought a $3 small (aka minuscule) popcorn and $2.75 small (aka kiddy kiddy size) Sprite--it was such a fun and definitely needed break! Plus, after we got back I impulsively bought the soundtrack to the movie which is way awesome.

Today was our last Sunday with our ward and it was definitely bittersweet. Most of the guys are going on missions and everyone got released and it was just kind of weird to have it be officially over. I will still see a lot of the girls next year because I'm taking my lit classes with a few of the girls on my floor and that will be fun, but all of our ward stuff today seemed so definite. It was nice though in sacrament meeting because we had another testimony meeting and this time I was ready and was third! It was a wave to the pulpit, but I did get there in good time!

Another bittersweet part about today was the realization that this was my last Sunday dinner with Jessie, Timm, and Bella, as they are moving to Charlotte, NC over the summer. I'm excited for them, but I will miss them a lot next year. Thanks so much for being here for me this year guys--it made all the difference :)

Well, I felt I needed to post after almost two weeks of not and now I need to shower and go to bed to wake up to finish the week and then GO HOME!!


Newsletter Fiasco

For the past three or so weeks, I've been working on a group newsletter project in my print publishing class. For the whole time, me and this other girl, Lindsey, have really been doing the whole thing and that's not the problem. The problem is that Dain (our other member) doesn't have a lot of time and I get that, but what's frustrating for me is that whenever we give him something to do, however small and not so time consuming, he drops the ball and flakes out. Last week for instance, we gave him the file to copyfit over the weekend and he did the wrong one. Good grief. So Monday, we asked him to take the file to the press building and get it printed--really not a big deal. However, he waited until yesterday afternoon (the project was due this morning at 10 o'clock) and then called Lindsey saying, "Well they can't get it printed until tomorrow and I can't pick it up tomorrow morning, so you and Charlotte will have to work something out." You've got to be kidding me. So Lindsey and I form a scrambled Plan B and she picked me up this morning at 7:30 (ug) and we drove to the press building to make sure we knew where it was and then she drove herself to her 8 am class. I then drove her car back to the press building and went to see if it was printed. My heart stopped when the man in charge said it wouldn't be ready for 6 days and fortunately, he thought my project was for a different section. I swear it was divine inspiration for this random worker who spoke up out of nowhere and said, "Oh, is his name Dain?" (referring to the person who dropped it off) and I said, "YES!!!" So it took about 15 minutes to print it and cut it and stuff so that all went okay, but then I had to try and park Lindsey's car . . .

She showed me where she usually parks it and so I headed back there, but to my intense dismay, there was no spot to be found. No spot--anywhere. I drove around the side streets and nothing. I drove around for half an hour trying to find a place to park and I was cursing Dain while trying to hold back tears of frustration, when I turned into a parking lot that I'd been through at least twice before, on the off chance there was a spot. There were a few people coming back from 8 o'clock classes and there were already people stalking them in cars, intending to snag the parking spots. I was literally at my wit's end when all of a sudden, a car right in front of me pulled out of their parking spot, leaving it wide open just for me! Tender mercies I'm telling you. :)

Anyway, apart from that the day has gone pretty well. (Note: Dain didn't even come to class today and if I were him I probably wouldn't either because I'd be afraid of the anger exuding from me and Lindsey). However, today has been a bit of a downer compared to last Wednesday which was amazing! Last Wednesday I got a 94 on my English paper, found out about a sweet student deal on the Adobe Creative Suite (which I purchased last Thursday), and just had a most excellent day. Oh well, I guess every Wednesday can't be amazing. If that were the case, it wouldn't be so amazing! I'm glad I have amazing Wednesdays (or any other day for that matter) every once in a while when I need them the most!


A Cultural Critic

In my English class we have periodical group presentations where a group showcases a certain school of literary theory, giving the basic tenets of the theory, its history, and how it's applied to literature. Today's presentation was on cultural criticism which "deems all forms of expression equally worthy of examination" and "argues against a distinction between 'high' culture and 'low' culture. The Iliad is no better than Harry Potter and both can be legitimately compared to each other." When you apply the theory, you "seek to relate rather than rate."

I really like this theory because it puts everything on the same level and I really like pop culture, frequently incorporating it into class discussions. I often make connections from literature to "24," "The Office," "Harry Potter," and other various icons of 21st century culture. Everyone laughs, but sometimes I regret voicing those connections because I feel stupid or shallow, even though I do understand the larger literary significance. A lot of times I say things out loud, immediately regretting that decision, however today in class I was completely justified. The people presenting cultural criticism used me as an example. They said I was the perfect example of a cultural critic because I can tie pop culture to any kind of literature and so I felt validated in my love of pop culture. I'm not stupid or shallow--I'm a cultural critic!

Quick P.S.: In light of my new status as a pop culture afficionado, I can't believe Gina's boot from American Idol tonight; Jessie and I really thought that trampy Haley would get sacked. Alas, it is not so and much to everyone's dismay, Sanjaya is STILL on. Good grief.
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