I think I'm finally getting into a good groove here at school. I've already been here for four weeks (which I still find hard to believe at times), and now things are definitely slipping into a rhythm. I have the routine down for getting ready in the morning, breakfast, making my way to classes, what to do during breaks and for lunch, and figuring out things with my job. I'm so busy all the time! I have school, work, church, friends, family, etc., all of which I deem important and even though it's crazy, I think I'm doing a good job at balancing it all. I'm also settling in to a more defined group of friends. There's the girls on my floor I hang out with, the people in my ward, and then all the littler groups of people you hang out with during class and study groups and things of the like. I'm having a lot of fun, but I still miss home so much! I'm so excited to come home for Sarah's baptism in less than two weeks--I LOVE HOME!

Also, I got a care package the other day! Score! Complete with two loaves of homemade pumpkin bread, a new "Fall Flava' " mix (courtesy of Emily), new Halloween socks, vitamins, throat drops, Airborne, Peeps, and a new sweater, this package definitely made my week. One of the best parts though (probably after the pumpkin bread) was the box. Mom and Emily taped a large Ariel cutout on the front and on the return address put that it was from Ursula and the Blue One. It was so funny and it made the desk worker in the Cannon Center laugh when he brought it out!

I have some more pictures, but as I'm not at my computer, I'm unable to post them right now, but I'll upload a few later tonight (hopefully).


claire said...

I laughed when I read about the Arial cut out and remembered about the blue one. Oh, good times, good times.

michelle said...

I love pumpkin bread too. By the way, I think Eva needs to see The Little Mermaid. We sing the "ah ah ah" song to her when we rinse her hair and tell her that she looks like a little mermaid with her hair all fanned out. Now she sings the song spontaneously.

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