Rise and Shout the Cougars are out! . . .

Wow! What a week! This week has been so crazy and everything is new; I have those moments in all the hubbub of the first week of school when I think it's crazy I'm actually in college. It's so surreal sometimes. Well classes started this week and I think it looks like it will be a good semester.

My classes are as follows:

  • French 201: a good first week, I really like the professor and fortunately for me this looks like it will be more of a review grammar course which I definitely need! The only major downside however is that it's every day at eight in the morning.
  • ELang 223 (Introduction to the English Language): a good first couple of classes, the professor is hilarious, and I find the subject matter really interesting. Being the English dork I am, I think I'll have a fun time dissecting our language and figuring out how it works!
  • RelA 122 (second half of Book of Mormon): I love this class! Even though the class has 50-60 people, I'm still engaged in the lessons and the professor is funny while still pointing out significant spiritual insights. I wish I had this class more than twice a week!
  • Soc111 (Introductory Sociology): your typical auditorium class with 250 people and a lecture from a power point presentation. I expect this class to be my least favorite and least interesting, but I don't think it will compare to high school economics. (Eek!)
  • Hon150 (Honors University Writing): I'm really excited about this class because as earlier established I am an English dork and I like to write. The class has about 20 people in it (maybe less) and so it's in a much more learning-condusive setting where I'll really get to know the other students in the class. I'm excited to get to writing!

Well there's a quick recap on my classes and now for a quick update on my new job. I started working the same day classes started so Tuesday was definitely an overwhelming day overall. I think the job will work out well; I just do basic secretarial duties like answering phones, making copies, running errands, etc., which is actually stuff I like to do because while yes it is easy and somewhat mundane, it gives you something to do that isn't really intense.

I like my roommates pretty well. I don't think we're best friend material but I think we have enough in common to have fun and get along. The other night though, Brittany's (my cheerleader, Southern California roommate) phone rang at one in the morning and she answered it! Who does that and speaks at a normal volume at one in the morning when their roommate is trying desperately to sleep?! Needless to say I was a little peeved.

I went to the football game on Saturday and it was so much fun! My roommates and I and some of thier friends all bought the All-Sports-Pass together and so in the football games we all get to sit together. Your seats for the games are rotated throughout the stadium and so sometimes you get really awesome seats like on Saturday. We were sitting seven rows from the field in between the 10 and 20 yardline and it was awesome! I don't understand every single in and out of football, but I understand enough to follow the game and have fun cheering on my team! The best part of the game though was when it started raining; in about the middle of the 3rd quarter, it started raining and then it turned into a deluge! By the time I left, I was completely drenched! I loved it! Also, this was not just a rainstorm, but yes can you believe it, it was a thunderstorm! Score! We left with about five minutes left in the game which was about when they called a weather delay. It was so much fun and on top of the thrill of the rain, we won 49-24 against Tulsa! Woohoo!

After my first week as an official college student, I think I like it. I'm having fun and I like it that everything is new and exciting. I think I'll have fun with this plan! I'd post pictures but currently Blogger isn't allowing it so the pictures will have to wait. I'll post again when I can!


claire said...

I love religion classes! They are so cool because you get to learn about things you never knew before and you get to hear what other people think about what ever is being taught. The Spirit feels great there !

Jill said...

I have to laugh about your California roommate answering the phone at 1:00am. My roommate was from California too. She looked like Barbie and had no interest in school. She stayed up super late and would talk to her psycho boyfriend on the phone all night long and then sleep all day. She was usually just getting out of bed when I would come back from class in the afternoon. Crazy. At least she whispered while on the phone.

dpw said...

I don't get talking on the phone at 1 a.m. at regular day-time volume....I just don't get it.

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