Thanksgiving Break!!

Wow it's been a little while since I've posted! Anyways, I came back to Provo Sunday night after spending over a week at home--it was awesome! One of the best parts of my break though was the fact that I didn't have school and I didn't have to work--it was a real vacation from everything. I spent the first few days reading (I finally got to read what I wanted!) and napping, which was completely amazing!

Thanksgiving Day was exciting and relaxing. Jessie, Emily, John, Sarah, and I made the traditional chocolate turkies and later that night we decorated the downstairs tree. Dinner was of course delicious and the rolls were my favorite part! Usually on Thanksgiving we all go around the table and say what we're thankful for, but this year (per Jessie's suggestion), we did it alphabet style. This way we still went around the table, but we had to say something we're thankful for that corresponded to the next letter in the alphabet. (Emily said Arthur the Aardvark, when it was my turn it was on D and I said dentists). We went around the table a few times and got through the alphabet twice, making for a fun and thought provoking meal!

The next night I got together with a bunch of high school friends and we had a game night, reliving the old days when we all lived close together. I got there at 6 and then we just hung out for an hour and a half talking and laughing and catching up with everything. Then we played Scattergories (one of my most favorite games), ordered pizza, and finished up the night with a fast-paced game of Nerdz (which Rachelle and I totally won by the way ;) ) The best part was just being able to slip back into the fun groove with friends and coming back together after everyone being gone for three months.

I wasn't too stoked to return to school, but something I noticed more this time than the last time I went home, was that I found it really easy to slip back into life here in Provo. I was of course sad to leave home again after being there for the holiday, but I will be back in just a few weeks for Christmas (ah! can you believe it!) Also, (I think I've said this before but I will reiterate), my life in Denver and my life here are almost completely separate, so it's really easy to slip in and out of them without seeing traces of the other. Even though I like home better, college is way fun and I think that because at BYU there's so few things to remind me of everything going on at home, it's easier to jump right back in.

I definitely have a lot to do over the next few weeks, but I do know these weeks leading up to Christmas are going to be fun! There are decorations everywhere on campus (isn't it cool that at BYU they can put up Christmas trees in the middle of Brigham Square and in every building and not get told off for "not being PC"?) and I have some fun plans with my friends here. Next weekend our ward is going up to Salt Lake and we're going to see the Joseph Smith movie. I'm way excited because first of all, I haven't seen the movie yet and second, I get to see Temple Square at Christmastime with all the pretty lights and decorations! I definitely think the rest of the semester will be fun, despite papers, tests, projects, and finals--I'll make it all work out!

*I was way excited to post pictures, but Blogger isn't allowing it--I'll try and post them later*


michelle said...

Going home for a visit is about the most highly anticipated thing I ever do!

It is very cool that there are Christmas trees all over BYU. I'm glad you didn't have too much trouble getting back into your college groove.

Jill said...

I'm glad you had such a nice visit home. I know I keep saying this, but you really are so lucky to be able to do that during the semester.

These last few weeks before Christmas always fly by, even when you're in school. It's wonderful that BYU can celebrate Christmas and that you're surrounded by all those student who believe the same things you believe. Savor every moment, and good luck with your finals!

Diana said...

Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. There is nothing like being at home.
I always loved the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas when I was in school, it always went by so quickly. (I guess finals have something to do with that)
Hope to see you before you leave again and I guess before I leave, we'll have to plan a game or movie night with Timm and Jessie.

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