Vocal Point Rocks my Socks

So last night, me and a couple of girls from my sociology class went to the Vocal Point concert in Springville and it was so much fun! I'm a die hard Vocal Point fan (fan really meaning obsessive, freakish, stalker-like fan) and when Melissa emailed me about this concert I knew I had to go!! It was so good--Vocal Point is AWESOME! For those of you who don't know, Vocal Point is BYU's top male a cappella group and besides the fact they're ridiculously good looking, they also sing amazingly--score for that combination :) Here's another exciting bit of information: so for my writing class we have to write a community profile research paper where we have to research something specific to BYU or Utah Valley and last Wednesday, the light bulb came on in my head and I thought: VOCAL POINT!!! I have an interview next week where I get to sit in on a part of their rehearsal--so cool!

So here's some pictures from Saturday:

Camille, Andrea, and me waiting outside the theater (Camille is in my French and sociology class and Andrea is her roommate who's also in sociology with me)

We went to Cold Stone after the concert--yum!!

This picutres needs a bit of an explanation. :) Okay, so before we got to see Vocal Point perform we had to sit through an hour of Shaun Barrowes, a jazz pianst and singer who has talent, but nothing original. He equated himself with Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr., both comparisons setting him up for even more lameness. So he performed a whole hour of music (the best part being the cute bongo drummer accompanying him) and after he finished there was applause and a little cheering, but no standing ovation and here's the topper for Shaun Barrowes: he gave himself an encore. Yes, you read right. He gave himself his own encore. As the applause died down, he came back out on the stage and said "you want another one?" Good grief. However, when Vocal Point came on, it made Mr. Barrowes look even more lame when they only performed half an hour of music and received two encores complete with two standing ovations. I mean seriously, it is hard to figure out which act was the preferred? Yeah, I know. This picture anyway, is our reaction to Shaun Barrowes after his self-granted encore.

So that's my exciting weekend and I have an exciting Vocal Point filled week ahead--I'll update on my interview! I'm SO excited!!


llamaly said...

Mr. Barrowes sounds like an all-county kid all grown up! I wonder if he carries a pocket watch? :)

dpw said...

Maybe his last name was originally Brett....

Diana said...

What a fun Saturday night. Glad you could go see Vocal Point and I can't wait to hear about your interview.

michelle said...

Bummer about the lame first act. Never heard of giving yourself an encore!

I love love love a cappella music. Tight harmonies, no instruments overshadowing the voices (unless they're vocal instruments of course!), what's not to love?

How cool that you get to sit in on a rehearsal for your interview!

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