A Cultural Critic

In my English class we have periodical group presentations where a group showcases a certain school of literary theory, giving the basic tenets of the theory, its history, and how it's applied to literature. Today's presentation was on cultural criticism which "deems all forms of expression equally worthy of examination" and "argues against a distinction between 'high' culture and 'low' culture. The Iliad is no better than Harry Potter and both can be legitimately compared to each other." When you apply the theory, you "seek to relate rather than rate."

I really like this theory because it puts everything on the same level and I really like pop culture, frequently incorporating it into class discussions. I often make connections from literature to "24," "The Office," "Harry Potter," and other various icons of 21st century culture. Everyone laughs, but sometimes I regret voicing those connections because I feel stupid or shallow, even though I do understand the larger literary significance. A lot of times I say things out loud, immediately regretting that decision, however today in class I was completely justified. The people presenting cultural criticism used me as an example. They said I was the perfect example of a cultural critic because I can tie pop culture to any kind of literature and so I felt validated in my love of pop culture. I'm not stupid or shallow--I'm a cultural critic!

Quick P.S.: In light of my new status as a pop culture afficionado, I can't believe Gina's boot from American Idol tonight; Jessie and I really thought that trampy Haley would get sacked. Alas, it is not so and much to everyone's dismay, Sanjaya is STILL on. Good grief.


Diana said...

I love you cultural critic. I think people are blind and ignorant if they don't think pop culture has a roll in academics it shapes so much of our lives and thoughts.
I love your opinions!

michelle said...

Sounds like you were really in your element today! I totally agree about AI: Haley and Sanjaya need to get the boot! I feel sorry for anyone who gets voted off before them.

dpw said...

Ditto what Michelle said. I think I like Haley even less than I like Sanjaya!

Jill said...

I'm just now reading this (a week later) but I'm happy to know that I'm a cultural critic and not a tv junkie. It takes brains to tie in pop culture to literature.

Also, I was very sad about Gina's departure from American Idol. I don't think Haley should have even made the top 10, and don't even get me started on Sanjaya.

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