The Not-So-New-Anymore Semester

So I started classes and I'm officially settled into the apartment. I'm still trying to find the right groove for everything I'm doing this semester, but it's coming slowly. Here's a quick summarization of my opinions regarding my classes:

  • ELang 322 Modern American Usage: This class is actually really cool and deals with the English language and how it's used. It's for my Editing minor and I really like it. I always think of Grandma and her love of semantics--she'd love this class! I'll definitely have to tell her all about the cool things I'm learning. One of my textbooks for this class is the Webster's Usage Dictionary and I love it! This class definitely takes work, but it's not overload.
  • Bio100 Biology: Um, I think I'll pretty much hate this class. Believe it or not actually, I do think biology is an interesting science and probably my favorite out of the sciences, but the way the Bio 100 class is set up and taught, I feel like we're being treated like middle or high schoolers. (Not that there's anything wrong with middle or high schoolers, but I'm done with that). We have weekly TA labs (like in most large GE classes) but they call them "Small Discussion Group Sections" which sounds like a bunch of fluff to me and almost all of our assignments are done in teams. We have to write this huge research paper in teams and I feel like I'm back in high school. I've decided though to stop complaining and just stick it out. (However, can I just vent for a moment about the fact that in my textbook, which we couldn't buy used and can't sell back by the way, had a paragraph that started like this: "One of the final things to mention about evolution." That's it. Who edited this book anyway?? Anyone in their right English mind would know that's not a complete sentence. Sorry, just had to get that out there).
  • RelC431 Doctrines of the Gospel: I really like this class. It basically takes doctrines of the church and puts them into context of the Plan of Salvation and we use all four standard works to understand concepts like The Nature of the Godhead, The Nature of Truth, etc. It's really good and I feel the Spirit so strongly in that class. It's easy, but so rewarding!
  • Engl291 British Literary History 1: I really like this class too. It deals with British literature up until the 1500s, so we cover a lot, but I like it. It's one of those survey classes so we barely touch the surface of things, but I still like it. Right now we're in the middle of medieval literature so that's kind of weird and it's a lot of reading, but I like the class.
  • Engl293 American Literary History: I like this class too. It's a night class, so it's only once a week, but it's pretty good. It's a smaller class (unlike my British Lit lecture class) so there's a lot more discussion. If I space out the readings over the week, it's not so bad, however the 2 1/2 hour block on Thursdays can get kind of long sometimes. (Note: it gets out at 7:40, so that's perfect for making it back to my apartment in time for "The Office" which premiers on Thursday!!!)
  • Music321R: This is just the non-audition, non-major orchestra and I love it! We don't sound good now, but hopefully that will change as the semseter goes on. I really just love playing and especially in such a laid back atmosphere. I'm taking it with my friend Erica, so that also makes it more fun as well.
So apart from class, I'm volunteering in the Publication Lab in the library because I want to and because I need a semester project for my usage class, I'm volunteering again at the Slate Canyon Youth Detention Center, I'm an FHE mom this year, Katelyn and I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, and I'm working, so I'm pretty busy all around. I'm slowly finding ways to make it all work. I'm actually really enjoying the gym; Katelyn and I joined 24 Hour Fitness and so far we're quite please with everything. It's cheap, there are no contracts, and the facilities are nice. I don't feel like a moron when I go to work out, which for me is huge. We started weights this week and put in some cardio as well, so I feel pretty accomplished and gross when I'm done!

I like my ward a lot. They're nice and older, but still fun. One of the things I actually really like is that we don't have ward prayer on Sunday nights; instead we have Tuesday Night Dessert Night which is pretty fun and doesn't take up your Sunday nights. I'm still getting to know people, but I'm starting to feel like I fit in so that's always a good feeling.

Tonight I'm playing the hermit card and staying in. I just got back from work about 45 minutes ago (it's about 8:10 now) because we had the Physics Homecoming Alumni dinner so we all had to stay late. Katelyn is going to hang out with her friend Viktoria, and Stacy and Julie went to the Spectacular, so it's just me and I'm more than okay with that. I've been sick with a cold all week and I have some around-the-house things I need to do, so I think I'll pop in a movie and relax a bit while still be semi-productive. I want to get to bed a bit earlier than usual tonight because I want to officially squash this cold and I haven't been getting too much sleep this week. I'm hoping all my weeks won't be as crazy as this one, so we'll see. I did have a lot of meetings for various reasons all week and normally it won't be like that so I'll see how next week goes. It kind of freaks me out that midterms start in only a couple of weeks--I don't feel ready to take tests yet!!

Well, I'm off to do some ironing and winding down, but before I sign off, here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Okay, so this is our "desk" where we put stuff including a printer, lamp, and file holders. There are also a couple of shelves below where we put our textbooks.

This is the view of our room from the bathroom door and it pretty much includes everything. To the right of the picture is our closet and to the left is the door. Pretty much that's it.

This is our vanity area. The mirror I found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and we each have a drawer in which we keep our makeup and hair things. I love the lamp there and it's a nice little place to get ready in the morning. (I hope you enjoy my own tired self in the mirror ;) )

This is part of our bathroom.

These are the wall stickers Katelyn found that we think look like bubbles on our wall. We like it for our bathroom.

This is our kitchen. To the right of the picture is our washer and dryer.

This is our living room. We want to get a floor lamp to give the place a bit more ambiance and we're going to paint and hang that mirror someday soon. The footlocker is an excellent coffee table and storage area!

This is probably one of my favorite parts of the whole apartment: the minutiae wall. Mom made the memo board for my birthday and we arranged everything on our first day here. I love the whole wall because it's a great place to put pictures, reminders, flyers, and everything really. I also love "minutiae" above everything--it makes me happy. :)


jt said...

So cute! I love seeing your new digs, and your place looks cuter than my first one did. Of course, I was sharing it with 5 other girls, all of whom were strangers, so...not hard to beat. Where'd C get the bubble sticker thingees?
Tell her I said 'Hi, and I'm SO glad your CHarlotte's roomate and friend. Cause I like you. And you're not weird. And you know what minutiae means. ok I'm done.'

jt said...

Crap. I meant 'K' not 'C', cause her name's Katelyn, with a K. Not a c.

dpw said...

Still hate those couches. . . . But everything looks like it's coming together!

Jill said...

Your place is very cute and is making me hark back to the fall of 1990 when Michelle and I shared our first apartment together...good times.

michelle said...

Oh, so fun to get a glimpse of your apartment! It made me think of my apartment with Jill, too. A lot of familiar things, although I'd say yours is cuter! Love the memo board.

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