I'm not kidding

At the end of August when Mom, Emily, and I were out shopping to get our apartments settled, we obviously had to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. We browsed the clearance section and came across a tablecloth. In the packaging Mom and I both thought that it looked pretty cute. Plus it cost only about $2 after all the markdowns. We were pleased with this purchase. Very pleased.

Yeah. That's what I bought. I put it on my table, and Mom and I didn't say anything. We went on to work on something else, but our eyes strayed back to the table.

"Well, it's not as cute as I thought. . . ."

"Actually, I think it's really ugly."

"What were we thinking? It looked okay in the packaging. . . ."

"No I really hate it."

"I hate it more and more the more I look at it."

Tablecloth off.

I actually bought that, thinking that it would make a cute addition to my college apartment. I'm not kidding. And I have nothing more to say on the subject.


michelle said...

This is totally cracking me up! Especially your last paragraph.

Jill said...

That is so funny!

Denise said...

What WERE we thinking? I have nothing more to say, either.

Diana said...

ha ha!

jt said...

Yeah, that is really ugly.
I thought that from the moment I pulled up your post.
It happens to the best of us...'Is this cute or scary? If you have to ask...'

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