a surprising, punctuated weekend

Friday afternoon I was sitting at my desk when Emily hollers to me from my front door saying that Mom sent us some homemade bread (score). I went out into the living room, and Emily opens my front door further to reveal Rachelle! Rachelle decided to surprise me by flying out for the weekend! It was a most excellent surprise :)

Here's a recap of our weekend:

Emily and Brooke threw me a belated birthday party, punctuation themed of course.

We played Punctuation Bingo

and Pin the Comma on the Sentence.

We also played Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase.

Saturday Emily and I gave Rachelle a thorough tour of BYU campus.

We went to the physics department and showed her the tasteful decorations

and, of course, Nan's giraffe office.

We stopped by the bookstore, where Rachelle indulged her inner Cougar.

We went to the library, followed by a trip to the Sugar 'n' Spice for Creamery ice cream.

We went to Brick Oven, a classic Provo experience, and then watched two movies at Emily's.

Sunday, we slept in a bit and went to church.

Now she's back in Colorado. . . . But even though her visit was short, I loved having a respite from the norm, especially given my unexpected Provo transitional issues.

Thanks for coming out, pal :) And thanks to Emily and Brooke for a ShamStellar birthday party. And thanks to Dan for driving us to the airport to take Shel back. (Now this is getting Academy-Award-esque.) But yeah, it was a good weekend :)


michelle said...

How fun! I'm dying over the punctuation-themed party. What a great surprise. I hope it helps the transition period.

Susan said...

Now that's what I call a sham-wow visit!!

It sounds like a really fun weekend.

Jill said...

The punctuation-themed party is the cutest thing ever! I love it that you played pin the comma on the sentence, how clever!

What a great surprise visit and a wonderful weekend. I hope you're transitioning better now.

Denise said...

Trust Emily to come up with punctuation-themed party games! I'm glad Rachelle could come for a visit--looks like you had fun (and don't forget to call Grandma to thank her for the bread!).

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