and then we hit the dog days

And it's August 18. That's smack-dab in the middle of dog days, and I'm a little bewildered. Our August has flown by so fast, I almost don't believe the calendar. Everything has been moving at light speed, and now that I have a chance to slow down and breathe, I feel some melancholy.

My sister Sarah came to visit the first week in August, and we packed our days with Powell's, Mario Kart, outlet shopping, and the coast. Then we turned right around and flew to Denver for a week. We know how I feel about my people, and this trip was no exception. I did so much that I wanted to do, and saw so many people that I wanted to see. Think late-night movies, early birthday cake, fabric shopping, leisurely reading, communal cooking, and easy laughter.

Certainly a part of me was ready to return to our norm after two weeks of vacation mode, though I still woke up this morning with a twinge of loneliness resting in my stomach. I don't think it will ever be easy for me to live so far away from my most-loved people.

Asher, unsurprisingly, reveled in all of the attention. Every night before bed, he'd go through all the family to make sure that they would still be there when he woke up in the morning, and he pretty much had everyone at his beck and call the whole trip. I love seeing my son loved and adored by those whom I love and adore--it feeds my soul.

Now that we've hit the summer dog days, let's keep it that way for a while--at least, if you're like me and don't have any first days of school to contend with. I'm going to live out the month with some more pool days, a couple of birthdays, and late-night TV watching. Cheers.

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Audrey said...

We don't live close to family either, so I feel you! Glad we've embarked on this virtual friendship :)

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