finding my center

{Photo from Mom's Instagram @dpw_2012}

We returned from Denver the day before yesterday, and I'm always so reluctant to leave. I can never have enough time with my people. Every minute I'm there I try to soak up those feelings of togetherness and connection and unbridled love.

{from my Instagram @mscharjane}

My people help me find my center. You know, that place in your heart where everything in your life clicks because you've found the center. That's how my people make me feel: centered.

Sitting at the kitchen counter talking with my mom
Driving with my family crammed into the SUV
Snacking on leftover rolls after dinner
Staying up late talking with my dad on the couch

Driving along all those familiar streets
Listening to my sister practice her piano
Going out to dinner at our favorite Mexican place
Kneeling down together in prayer

{screen shot from Mom's IG #obviously}

Watching my son toddle down the hall to my parents' room
Feeling confident in my dad's ability to entertain an 18-month-old so I can go shopping
Sitting down at dinner with just us
Seeing my grandpa and my son meet for the first time
Cleaning up dishes and snacking on dark chocolate peanut butter cups

I wish I could find the right words to explain fully the deep emotions I have when I'm with my people. I feel accepted, understood, and known--and centered. I see my purpose more clearly, understand my place in this world. My relationships with my parents and siblings deepen and mature and become increasingly essential to my well being. My people remind me about why I'm here and what I'm here to do. When I'm with them I am so certain about who I am.

Your people may not be your family members. They may be friends or extended family or in-laws. Whoever they are, I hope you have them, your people. Mine mean everything to me.


Ron Wood said...

My father sure was taken with Asher. Our last phone call was all about his trip to Denver and Asher. He said he was very funny and entertaining.

Pamski said...

Was great to see you and Asher!

patsy said...

I often visit here & love your sweet blog.
I just have to comment today &
1. Apologize for not commenting more often.
2. Tell you how absolutely inspiring this post is. This is beautifully written & makes me want to be a better mom.
Thank you

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