settling in

Well, I'm finally here at the Y! I flew in on Monday (it was definitely a tearful goodbye at the entrance to security) and Timm met me at the Salt Lake City Airport. (I thought it was hilarious but logical that there were hoardes of missionaries everywhere in the airport terminals!) I crashed for a couple of days with Jessie and Timm, meaning they carted me around to everywhere I needed to go and watched movies with me. Wednesday was the big day and in the morning Jessie and Timm took me around campus, took me to buy my books, and helped me actually move in. Thanks guys--you're both amazing!

Moving in wasn't as crazy as I anticipated; the hallways were pretty much empty and it wasn't nearly as noisy as the movies always portray move in day at the dorms. My roommate didn't come yesterday, leading me to believe that she won't be coming until later this weekend since obviously she isn't attending orientation. Hence the anticipation of meeting the roommate will extend a few more days.

The rooms are bigger than I thought and I'm able to fit everything where it needs to go. I'm also a huge fan of the shared bathroom suite. I'm in the setup where two bedrooms share a bathroom. The other two girls (Katie from Texas and Jenna from Sandy, UT) in the sharing room are here and they're both nice; we've been hanging out a little, so it's nice to have hang out buddies.

Another bit of news: Timm in all his wonderfulness got me a job at the Physics/Astronomy Department! I be doing simple secretarial work, so nothing too exerting in any realm and it's conveniently located on campus! Well here are some pictures of my dorm to give you an idea of where I live now. I know I already emailed you guys some of them, but I thought posting them on the blog would be fun :) I'll keep you posted on all my first-weekend-happenings at BYU!

From top to bottom: two views of my closet, (right and left), my desk, my bed

Sorry I haven't figured out yet how to rotate the pictures!


Jill said...

Wow, you're already moved in and feeling like you have enough room? That's fantastic. Your room looks cute, even though it's sideways. I can't believe you've already got a job too! Apparently you're a lucky, lucky girl who isn't meant to suffer her first semester at BYU the way I did. I'm so glad for you. Have fun with your new roommates, take lots of pictures, and write everything down. These people will end up being your best friends in life at some point. Have fun!!

claire said...

I'm glad that you got there safely. It's always kind of an anxious time waiting for one's roommate/s if you don't already know them. My biggest roommate fear is that I'll end up with one that I can't stand and/or who can't stand me. However, you're such a ridiculously likeable person I'm sure you won't have that problem!

llamaly said...

Yo sis. Your room is pretty tight. I'd totally chill there. Stay true.

michelle said...

I'm amazed that you're moved in and actually feel like you have enough room! Maybe those Helaman dorm rooms are bigger than the ones at D.T. I crammed and crammed and still felt like I didn't have a place for everything. By the way, I love your comforter and your CJW letters. It always helps to be surrounded by cuteness!

I'm glad you have already met some hang-out buddies. I hope you like your actual roommate. Like Jill said, those dorm friends can last forever! (Jill and I met there...)

so strange that you're here and we haven't seen each other yet.

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