Okay, I just need to vent for a second. My roommate Brittany has a couple of her friends from the floor come into the room a lot, which is fine. The problem I have, is that whenever they come in, regardless of when I'm there, they sit at my desk, sit on my bed, and touch all my stuff. How is that possibly okay?! Like tonight for example, a girl from down the hall, who's always nice to me, came in to talk to Brittany and I came out of the bathroom and she was just sitting on my bed and playing with stuff on my bedside shelf. She said "Hi Charlotte" and was perfectly fine except for the fact SHE WAS ON MY BED AND TOUCHING ALL OF MY THINGS!!! This is the same girl who gave herself permission to sleep on my bed one night over Conference weekend when I was at Jessie and Timm's. Yesterday after church (two separate times last night), another girl was over and just made herself comfortable at my desk and was fiddling around with some jewelry on top of the desk and even though I was in the room and had nowhere to sit to eat my bowl of Froot Loops (don't cringe Mom :) ) she didn't even acknowledge me. She never acknowledges my presence anyway, but when she's sitting in my desk and touching my stuff--now that's just plain rude.

I mean I understand looking at pictures and looking at things, but not touching unless you have permission. I just don't understand how other people think like that. I just really needed to get that out. If you stuck around to read it--thanks.

I feel like I have the right to say something, but I'm not sure how to bring it up without coming off as a possessive brat. Any suggestions? I don't want to come off as rude (however I don't think my feelings exhibit any kind of rude tendencies in this situation--I am the victim here). Once again, I marvel at the thinking processes of others; I just don't get it.

Please solicit any advice you may deem
helpful in either coping or confronting or both.
Good grief.


michelle said...

Well that's a toughie. How do you tell someone they are just plain rude and insensitive? I think I would talk to your roommate about it and leave it up to her to let her friends know that that is just not OK.

Diana said...

I'm sorry. While I was reading your post it made me realize how happy I am to not have to worry about roommates. Not that that's a comfort to you. But seriously I forgot how annoying roomates and hallmates can be. Maybe that could be hope that once you're married you'll forget all about it. Also next year you can pick your roommates and that is so much better than in the dorms. I'm with Michelle I'd talk to your roommate about it.

Maybe you could move to Hogwarts :)

Jill said...
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Jill said...

That's rough stuff, and kind of makes you wonder how they can be so rude and clueless. I never would have messed with anyone else's things and definitely would have hopped out of your chair if you came into the room. Maybe you could talk to your roommate one evening when you sense that she may be open to such a conversation. Either that, or you could turn the tables on her and have the room full of your friends sitting on her bed, her chair and touching all her stuff, then see how she reacts. Good luck!

dpw said...

That is a tough one, but I like Jill's suggestion. However, I would have to add that the bottom line for me is that "returning good for evil," as Grandma would say, always works and "you're never sorry if you're nice." Roommates are a great preparation for marriage, though take heart--at least you really love your husband (as well as hand-picked him yourself), even though he may do annoying things at times. I agree that you could find a time to talk with Brittany about it, though it should be a time when you're not angry and can just talk calmly and matter-of-factly. Good luck!

As for the Froot Loops. . . . I'm just trying to tell myself that the green ones are brocolli flavored.

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