quintessential autumn moment

I love autumn. It is without a doubt my most favorite season and right now in the beginning of October, it's perfect. And yesterday I think I had a quintessential (I love that word--it's one of my favorites!) autumn moment.

First of all I was wearing my way cute new fall outfit from Old Navy. The outfit comprised of a white tank underneath a navy cable knit button up sweater with big buttons, dark green sporty-ish pants, with cute new sporty-ish trendy shoes with stripes from Target: this whole ensemble screamed autumn to me. So to continue with my perfect fall morning: at my 10 o'clock break I went to the Bookstore where I spontaneously bought a new leisure-reading novel, 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith. (I like it pretty well so far, but then again I'm only about 50 pages in--I'll reserve my final verdict for later). After the Bookstore I purchased a cup of hot chocolate and proceeded outside and sat on a bench underneath some pretty trees with yellow leaves and I drank my hot chocolate while reading my new book and the leaves were falling, the air was crisp and chilly and it was just perfect.

I know this is a short post, but I felt the need to blog about my perfect half an hour (which was rudely interrupted by the fact that Sociology starts at 11)


Jill said...

Great photo Charlotte, I love BYU in the fall (or anything in the fall really), but campus really is pretty.

I'm glad you had a perfect half hour and recognized your quintessentially moment.

michelle said...

That does sound like the perfect fall experience. Too bad it was so short-lived! But they often are, so I'm glad you took note and luxuriated in it.

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