not good, but great mail update

So, since my arrival in mountainous Provo, I've been the lucky recipient of multiple waves of great, yes not just good, but great mail and I think it's about time I post about it. I receive regular cards and comic strip mail from Rachelle and my mailbox is constantly full of sunshine as a result! (Comic strip is mail containing primarily funny comic strips with commentary by Rachelle). Here's a sampling of the many cards I'm lucky to find in my mail slot. The one on the far left though is a birthday card from Melissa which such package will be discussed in later detail!

My first package while here was from Melissa as a belated birthday present, but it wasn't belated because she forgot; rather, it was late because one of the gifts wasn't available until after I left. What joy filled my heart when I saw the little yellow slip in my box, indicated I received something too large for the 4x4 slot. I didn't think to take a picture of the box and no longer have it, but it was covered in stars and cute writing--a sure sign of cuteness inside. Melissa gave me a movie night kit complete with microwave popcorn, M&Ms, hot cocoa, two cute hot cocoa mugs (pictured below), and the dancing movie "Take the Lead." It was definitely a score! Later that week a few girls on our floor got together in our room and we watched the movie and ate the popcorn! Also in this package were a few things I forgot when I left like a notebook and my iPod cable and a pair of socks.

My second package I received Monday last week and it was fun because I picked it up at the same time I was talking to Mom, my kind benefactress! The most exciting part of this package was the discovery of two, yes two, loaves of pumpkin bread! SCORE! I also got a really cute sweater, some super Halloween socks, a Fall Flava' mix (courtesy of Emily), some Halloween Peeps, and other funny miscellania. The box was just as much of a treat as its contents. Making the desk worker chuckle, the box featured a huge Ariel cutout and was said to be from "Ursula and the Blue One," funny reminders of my mermaid-filled childhood. This package was a stellar beginning to my week!

And now we're caught up to today's mail. I'm expecting a package from Mom with some Mary Kay stuff I need, and once again the magical package slip was in the box amid the other cards and such, and when I got the package the return address was not from Colorado, but rather from Florida. That meant only one thing: I got mail from Rachelle's Aunt Nancy and Uncle Randy who we stayed with over Spring Break in March. This was another major score of a package. Inside I found not only a belated graduation card with a check for $50, but also a really warm throw, Crayola magic markers, beef jerky, lotion, Silly Putty, a scarf, cute mini clicky colored pens, and a Finding Nemo psuedo aquarium where the fish acutally move inside! When I get packages it feels like Christmas when you're going through your stocking--it's neverending with fun surprises!

So there's my great mail recap of the school year thus far--I love mail. I love sending mail and receiving mail and I think that mail is sometimes Heavenly Father's way of brightening a Monday. The packages of late definitely help stave off waves of homesickness and I just love it!


dpw said...

That is some pretty outstanding mail, all right. How kind of Rachelle's relatives! (You know what I'm going to say next: "Don't forget to write a thank-you note!") Glad our package was such a hit.

michelle said...

Woohoo! Nothing like good mail when you're away from home! I'm glad you're being cared for so well.

Jill said...

Good mail in the dorms is one of the best things ever. I got tons of great letters and packages from my high school friends (who all stayed in Michigan) when I was in the dorms. That little slip notifying you of a package is cause for celebration. It looks like you're getting some great stuff!

Diana said...

Hey just discovered your blog. You are one lucky girl in the mail department. I loved that little yellow slip when I lived in the dorms. I'm glad your mom takes such good care of you.

Hey you gotta come on Wednesday for Lost :)

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