100 Things About Charlotte

Well, following in the blog posts of others, I am going to make a list of 100 things about me. So here goes!

1. This school year is my first away from home and I'm loving it!

2. Despite my excitement about being at college, I do love being at home even more and I had a hard time going back to real life. I've always been more prone to getting homesick--sometimes it just gets you down.

3. My love for staying at home borders hermitage.

4. I like to go out and do things with friends, but I'm not usually the one to initiate it.

5. I have an intense passion for books, reading, and writing. (I was reading Nancy Drew books when I entered the first grade and it expanded exponentially from there)

6. I want to write a book someday.

7. When things turn drastically from how I expect them to go, I have a tendency to freak out.

8. I am a Relief Society teacher in my ward.

9. I love movies and I usually prefer to watch movies at home in my pajamas, however going out to movies is always a fun occasion!

10. I love mint ice cream and the fact that the vending machines at school have ice cream sandwiches with mint ice cream in between two brownie-like cookies is always a huge temptation.

11. I think dating is definitely fun, but will be glad when I don't have to anymore.

12. I'm always afraid to get too emotionally attached to someone (most times in a dating setting) because once I do, I'm scared I'll get hurt.

13. I hate January.

14. February and March aren't far behind.

15. My favorite months on the other hand are October through December.

16. I don't mind mundane work.

17. I've had a job since I was 16.

18. I hate loud noises and chaos.

19. I hadn't gone to Disney World until I was 18. Over spring break last March, I went to Florida with my best friend and her aunt and uncle took us on an all-expense paid, 2-day trip to Disney World--it was so cool. I want to live in Cinderella's castle now.

20. I hope to study abroad in London.

21. Athletics are not the first thing I'd opt to do, but I actually am willingto do it. It is really dependent on the person I'm doing it with and less so on what we're actually doing.

22. I like individual athletics way better than team sports because in individual sports, no one else is depending on you, like ice skating.

23. I play the violin, but haven't taken lessons in a very long time. I haven't really played my violin since I got to school and I miss it a lot.

24. I also play the piano, but whenever I play, it's usually just for accompaniment or goofing off.

25. I love a clean bathroom and will compulsively clean the bathroom whenever I feel the need.

26. I love Target and think that Wal Mart is a horrible place--I only go to Wal Mart when absolutely necessary.

27. For Christmas I got a library stamp that says "From the library of Charlotte J. Wood" in fancy letters with a fancy "W" monogram and I love it. I spent a good portion of Sunday night stamping my books.

28. I love brushing my hair.

29. Especially since I've gotten to school, my cell phone is an extra appendage and I think I'd go crazy without it--it's my lifeline to the rest of the world.

30. I've never felt the need to question the truthfulness of the Gospel.

31. Since I've been in college, my appetite for vegetables has surprisingly increased.

32. When I was in 5th grade, some mean kids called me BLC: Big Lip Charlotte. It scarred me and it took me a long time to recover from that. Fifth graders are not nice at all.

33. I take French and am somewhat proficient at reading and writing (I think the only way for me to become proficient at speaking is if I live in France), however it's not my favorite.

34. Timm made and gave me a wand like Harry Potter's for Christmas; it's just about the coolest thing ever.

35. I'm not outgoing, but once I get to know people, my personality shines through a lot more.

36. I love shopping for books and usually do it alone or in a situation where someone isn't just with me, but doing their own shopping. I don't like having people wait for me.

37. I don't want to date with or marry someone too much like myself--I'd go insane!

38. I find it frustrating when people won't talk to you, especially when you're trying really hard to make conversation.

38. I didn't find a good and steady group of friends until halfway through my sophomore year in high school. For years I floated from group to group without any real best friend.

39. My best friend Rachelle is the kind of friend I know I'll be friends with forever.

40. I'm really impatient and frequently wish I could fast forward time and be in the next part of my life. I don't know why, but I definitely have to check myself on that sometimes.

41. I like the start of a new semester because everything is new and you get to start with a clean slate: new professors, new classes, new schedule.

42. I don't like to cry in front of most people and I'm not a pretty crier.

43. I don't like to sleep in too late because then I feel like I've missed out on half my day. That's one reason I dislike afternoon church and most definitely prefer morning.

44. I don't mind public speaking.

45. I love learning and I've never not wanted to go to school (given I do experience moments when I'm sick of it, but as a general rule I like school!).

46. I talk in a funny voice with my family that we don't usually let others hear. :) It's pretty strange.

47. I have a tendency to speed and the first time I ever got pulled over by a cop, I was given a $120 fine and 4 points off my license unless I sent it in. Then it was "only" $85 and 2 points. Good grief.

48. When I was 17 and a junior in high school I hit a pedestrian. It was actually a minor accident and it was deemed to not be my fault, but all the same, I was pretty traumatized for a while.

49. I love it when my friends serve missions and I love writing them letters.

50. Getting mail is one of the most exciting things and I look forward to it everyday.

51. In general I'm not a fan of babysitting, but when I love the kid I love to do it!

52. I need my solitude to recharge my batteries and to give me some thinking time and some time to just relax. Sometimes that's interpreted wrong and people get hurt when really it's just a personal need and has little to nothing to do with any specific person.

53. I like road trips and would much rather drive than fly. Also, I had no memory of flying on a plane until the music department at school flew to NYC for a spring break trip my sophomore year of high school.

54. I love shoes and being short makes it so that I can wear tall shoes and not be too tall. I like to date guys taller than I am and fortunately that's not hard!

55. Summer is my least favorite season and autumn is my most favorite. Summer is way too hot, whereas fall is pretty and crisp and you get to start wearing cute fall clothes.

56. I love wearing skirts and have quite a vast skirt wardrobe.

57. I have a pink iPod mini and I love it! I listen to it all the time on campus--it's definitely good company when you only have a few minutes to get from here to there.

58. I love shopping for new clothes, especially at the Gap Outlet where you can buy really good jeans and really cute clothes for way cheaper than in the actual store.

59. I don't pretend to like things just to impress. I've always thought that was pointless because then people aren't really knowing you.

60. I love rain and think it's the best weather, followed closely by snow and cloudy weather. Wind is the worst kind of weather and is actually tied with searing heat.

61. More so when I was younger (around 14 or 15), I had a significant fear of being kidnapped. Right around Elizabeth Smart's kidnapping, we were painting the exterior of our house and there was scaffolding right outside my bedroom windows. Totally freaked out, I booby trapped my room by tying down the windows with yellow curling ribbon (I wrapped the ribbon around the foot of my bed to make it more taut) and putting marbles on the carpet. After a few days of stifling heat because the windows were closed and the summer heat was stuck in my room, I gave up the attempt. I haven't had a freak out like that since.

62. I love Harry Potter and have a special love for listening to the Harry Potter books on CD. Jim Dale is an awesome reader!! Because I've listened to the books so much, I am very well versed in the events and intricacies of Harry Potter. I wish I went to Hogwarts.

63. My dad was born in Edmunton, Canada and I've visited Alberta many times.

64. My parents are some of my best friends. I've never been embarrassed by them and talk to them about basically everything.

65. I find satisfaction in making lists so I can cross things off--sometimes it's the only way I maintain my sanity when juggling schoolwork!

66. I like doing the dishes.

67. When I worked at Washington Mutual I would go over to the Safeway next door almost everyday and get a grande hot chocolate for $2.69.

68. I love the lights at Temple Square around Christmastime.

69. I don't really have a preference of which temple I get married in.

70. When my little sister and I were little we'd play "The Little Mermaid" and me being the older sister I am, always got to be Ariel myself. I would make Emily be the "blue one" (we couldn't remember her name). For years Emily played along with this and I always got my way in this games and games similar to the Little Mermaid.

71. I hate it when I have heavy things to carry around campus.

72. My fingernails don't grow straight like most people's. They kind of fan out and so to keep them from looking too weird, I keep them relatively short.

73. I love dancing movies. Whether it be a hip hop movie, a ballroom movie, a ballet movie, I love it. I especially like movies where they combine traditional, classical dancing with hip hop--so cool!!

74. I love sending mail, but don't do it as often as I'd like. My lack of time and mailing budget make it harder to do sometimes.

75. I love coats and right now I have two primary coats: a red peacoat for dressier outfits (it comes with a way cute belt) and a brown puffy coat that's super warm.

76. I like to be in charge and be in control. I'm good at giving out directions and making plans--I'm definitely a planner. (I think I get that from my Mom!)

77. I love firefighters. Besides the fact that their jobs have a degree of nobility and courage-appeal attached, many of them are ridiculously good looking. Once when I went into downtown Denver to go to the library, I was driving back and took a wrong turn on this side street. As I turned into this street there was a Denver Fire Department firetruck turning out and being the person I am, I smile and wave while trying to contain my bubbling enthusiasm. The street actually led to this creepy warehouse with scary foreign workers and so I start to make a U-turn. I go up on this slope and then the wheels of my dinky little Rabbit get stuck in some old, overgrown railroad tracks I didn't see. I got out of the car and looked at my situation and a wave of panic swept over me when I realized I wouldn't be able to get out by myself and there was no way I was about to go over to the warehouse. As I'm about to make a call to someone, I see the firetruck come back!!! With the Hallelujah chorus ringing in my head, at least five firemen spill out of the truck and say "Hey do you need some help?" Um heck yes you can help me!! Then with their super hot muscle strength, they pushed my Rabbit out of the railroad tracks and they all smiled and waved as they made sure I got out okay. I get weak in the knees just thinking about it!

78. When my brother was a Cub Scout he had to help make a meal for one of his merit badges, so he assisted Dad in grilling some burgers. When we sat down to eat dinner, he said "So how do you like my buns?" Ha ha! Now I call him Hot Buns because he has some hot buns! I'm not allowed to call him that in front of his friends though.

79. I love making brownies and have not had too much success with making chocolate chip cookies.

80. I love my digital camera and have fun documenting my life through photos.

81. In the past few months, I've had the urge to document everything that goes on in my life so I can look back on my life with greater recollection and clarity and for my children. Blogging does some of that for me, but I need to be better at writing it down in journals.

82. One of my first weeks as a teller the summer before my junior year, I was doing a transaction and when I ask for the cash to deposit, this lady unbuttons and unzips her pants, takes an ATM envelope OUT OF HER UNDERWEAR and hands me the cash inside. (It was somewhat limp and kind of damp--shudder). Then she leaves her pants unzipped for the rest of the transaction. I have never looked at a computer so hard in my life. Being a teller gave me many funny stories!

83. My school colors elementary through high school were blue and gold.

84. I love shoes where you can see my socks like Mary Janes

85. I love the smell of Soft Scrub and Clorox--it's so clean!

86. I'm not a fan of talking on the phone, but I do it a lot anyway.

87. I like it when people get to the point instead of hedging around it, trying to segue into the real meat of the discussion. Be frank and get to the point!! It saves so much time!!

88. I love light and warm light at that. I hate fluorescent light and in my dorm room, always opt to have my two cute lamps on instead of the glaring fluorescent on. Light makes me feel safe and cozy. It helps keep me optimistic.

89. I love to dance, especially in the kitchen while I clean the dishes! (Hip hop music is the some of the best for dancing in my opinion).

90. My taste in music is very eclectic and I love to make mixes because that way you look forward to every song.

91. I love Sudoku even though I'm frequently made fun of because of it (the mocking mostly comes from family! Ha ha!)

92. I always like to have a nail file with me because I hate it when you really need one but don't have one.

93. I get migraines and because of that I always carry Exedrin or Firocet with me just in case.

94. I believe the Tide Pen to be one of the single most amazing inventions since sliced bread. It really is magic!!

95. I love bundling up in blankets and hoodies because I love the weight of it. I also like it when the covers in my bed are heavy because it just feels so good!

96. I love singing along to CDs but usually don't do it unless I'm alone or with trusted friends and family. ;)

97. I think I'm pretty optimistic and I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

98. I love the FoxTrot comics and think they're absolutely hilarious!! Jason's math stuff is my favorite and sometimes it freaks me out because I actually understand what he's talking about. I hate math but I can do it.

99. I love office supplies and love to organize my space. I have fun figuring out ways to make my workspace and living space more efficient--a challenge when living in the dorms!!

100. I love playing games of all kinds. I like strategy games like Spades, Contract Rummy, and Canasta (even though I've only played the latter once) and also quick games like Nertz, Taboo, and Catch Phrase. I like board games like Life and Clue and creative games like Cranium (and the newest version Cranium Pop Five) and Scattergories.


Jill said...

I am completely scandalized by #82!!

Diana said...

Great list. HOw fun to get to know you better.

dpw said...

#98 is the only one I don't have a clue about. I loved reading your list!

Kat said...

I had a lot of fun reading your list--and finding out how many little things we have in common!

Katherine Fehr :)

michelle said...

Great list, Charlotte! We have many things in common, such as: #3, #5, #6, #22, #24 and #26. However, I love the month of March! :)

I think your big lips are fabulous and enviable. And yes, 5th graders are a pretty mean bunch on the whole.

I used to have a phobia of being kidnappes as well, and my fingernails grow in all crooked too! I hate that.

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