Harry Potter, Creative Motivation, and Pseudo Spring Break

The cover for the 7th Harry Potter book was released today!!! It's so cool and I love finding clues in the covers. Last semester I even wrote a critical analysis on the Harry Potter book covers, dissecting their many intricacies and hints. I just had to share that exciting bit of information because let me tell you: I'm stoked!!

So the other night I was talking to my mom and she was telling me about this scrapbooking book she got for Christmas (The Big Picture or something like that) and how it revolutionized her way of thinking about scrapbooking. She's started a scrapbooking club and they have a different project each month (I'll join their ranks next month!). With Mom telling me all about her new perspective, I've been really excited to do likewise! What they're all doing is a "Month in the Life of (insert your name here)" and I've decided to do April. Starting on Sunday, I'm going to jot down just the little things I do and I'll keep receipts, to do lists, little handouts, maybe even a candy wrapper or two--you never know what could come in handy! I'm going to have an envelope for everyday and then when I get back for the summer I'll scrapbook it all! Also, I'm going to take my camera with me everyday and try to take pictures of the random minutiae of my days. I figured April would be a good month to record because it's more indicative of my life right now than anytime during the summer. I'll have regular school, projects, finals, moving, plus a few days at home! Perfect combination of my life! Also I'm going to do the "Me Album" with mom's group in May--I can't wait to get started!

So it's unfortunate that BYU has no spring break (a lack I felt more so a month ago when I was suffering from Mid-Semester Burn Out) however, Emily is on her spring break and came out with Jacquelyn to visit me and Jessie! I'm so excited! She got in yesterday afternoon and after work, Jessie and Emily picked me up, bringing super good and super big Iceburg shakes and then we went back to Jessie's and hung out while watching American Idol (can you believe Sanjaya's hair?!?!!?#^%$& That was the first episode I've seen this season and I couldn't believe how stupid Sanjaya is). Tonight I'm sequestering myself so I can finish a research paper, but tomorrow we're meeting up with a family from home who are here to do some missionary shopping for their son and then I'll show Emily around campus a bit, show her my dorms, and we'll hang out there a bit until 9-ish when my friend Blake will pick us up and we'll all go to the Malt Shoppe. I'm most looking forward to the weekend when I'll spend the night at Jessie's and Timm's and have fun over conference weekend. So even though technically I don't have spring break, I'm blowing off school as much as possible to have a fun time this week! Yay for visiting siblings!

*note: red letter day for me--I'm actually publishing a post the same day, nay even the same afternoon, as I started it!!*


michelle said...

Jessie told me about your mom's scrapbook revolution and I was thrilled to hear that she's taken it up again! How fun that you and Emily get to be in the club. I wish I could come over and join in too.

Glad you found a way to have a little spring break of your own, conference weekend is great that way!

Jill said...

I need a scrapbook revolution too. I have that book so perhaps I should actually read it.

Have fun with Emily!

Diana said...

I love the cover. I love it, it gets me so exicted!!!!!
I had so much fun wiht you guys this weekend. The office marathon was a blast and who doesn't love going to K mart it's an instant self esteem booster!

dpw said...

I like the idea of an envelope for each day. I'm still looking for placed that can drill holes in the chipboard pages of my album to match those in the cover. So excited to have you in the Club!

(NOT Sanjaya. That's just all I can say, NOT Sanjaya.)

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