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So I arrived back home two weeks ago today and since then I've just been hanging out at home. It's weird because Mom works for most of the day until the kids come home and then the kids are home and it's kind of crazy because everyone else is still in school. I've managed to stay semi-productive actually. I've signed on with a couple of temp agencies, cleaning up, doing some scrapbooking, seeing friends, and can you believe it: reading. Granted I read a whole lot during the school year and some of it was pretty good, but it wasn't stuff that I randomly picked up and said "Hey this looks good!" and then proceeded to read it. Since I've been back I've already read two books and am well on my way to finishing a third.

John wanted to go to Borders before his camping trip this weekend and of course I'm more than willing to go on a trip to a bookstore and while John didn't find anything he liked (music or otherwise--what you usually buy books in a bookstore?? Go figure) I bought his gift card from him and bought three books. I went more for the classics this time and purchased "Age of Innocence" by Edith Wharton, "Dracula", and "Wuthering Heights." I'm currently in the middle of "Step, Ball, Change" by Jeanne Ray and I just finished "In the Land of Second Chances" by George Shaffner which I LOVED!! I would recommend it to anyone; it's full of laugh-out-loud moments, sweet characters, and a few tear-jerking chapters. It's a lot like other books I like in the way that it's just about a small town where you get to know the people. (It reminded me of the Mitford series, the Miss Julia series, and some of Fannie Flagg's books). I LOVE READING!!!

Other minutiae of the past two weeks: I've started running. I know--it's a shocker, but it is true. Throughout winter semester I wans't eating too great and I just felt sick and gross all the time, so I thought "I'm going to do something about this!" Weight-lifting is actually my favorite form of exercise, but I don't want to pay a bunch of money to join a gym here or anything, plus I'd have to drive somewhere--bleh. So one of my only other alternatives was running and one of the big pros for me on this one was the fact that you can run anywhere. You don't need a membership or anything--just a pair of tennis shoes and a shower waiting when you're done. I didn't really know how to start on this one because I'm really out of shape and I say that with all sincerety and truthfulness. My fitness level is negative six. Katelyn had started reading this book at school (recommended by another girl on the floor) called "The Beginning Runner's Handbook" which talks about the psychology of running, what to wear, where to run, how to stay motivated, among other topics. At the end it presents a 13 week program that will increase your fitness and it starts you off really slow. I just started this week and I already feel that it's easier to run. This week I ran for 1 minute and walked for 2 nine to twelve times. They have a whole schedule for you and you only run three times a week!! I'm glad they start slow but I'm still definitely pushing myself. I've decided that I want to want to run if that makes any sense. I want to be able to run for extended periods of time and stay in good shape. It's also easier for me when I have the schedule and work out (warm-up and cool-down exercises included) right before me instead of having to just make it up. Fitness is a big goal for me this summer.

Well I'm signing off and (I know I've said this before) I'll try and blog more frequently--it's just been nice being home :) (But I find myself really missing Jessie, Timm, and Bella, and LOST nights with Diana and Lou!)

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Diana said...

hey we miss you Charlotte I am so happy that you blogged.
Good job on the running it sounds like a really good program. I actually like working out but running ouside for me is hard with my asthma and allergies. Some day I just have to bear it and run outside.
We miss you especially on Wednesday Lost nights aren't the same without you. Wednesday's episode was crazy!

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