My Summer Thus Far

So I looked at my blog for the first time the other day and realized I hadn't posted in almost a month! Once again I take another hiatus. Anyway, here's an update on where I am in my summer. For the first 5 weeks of summer I couldn't find a job and almost went crazy staying at home not doing much. (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being back home and endless ironing is productive, but I don't get paid for it!) After much confusion with a couple of temp agencies dealing with potential summer-long employment, I finally landed a job that will at least last me through the end of the month. Currently I am working as an administrative assistant for VSMPO, a company that sells titanium. I started last week and the work really isn't so bad, plus I get paid $12 an hour for 40 hours a week--that's income I can handle!

The summer has definitely been relaxing. I'm still running three times a week (can you believe it?!) and so far it's treating me well. I'm to the point where I can run for 3-5 minutes and not get completely exhausted. I only ran once last week because I was justing starting this new temp assignment and my foot had been hurting for a couple of weeks. I thought it would be best to let my foot feel better instead of nursing a chronic pain and running today didn't make it flame up again! I never believed people who said they loved to run or if I did I thought they were crazy, but I will admit, running consistently for 6 weeks now has made it so I don't loathe it. I think I hated it my whole life because I wasn't good at it. While I'm definitely not a champion athlete and definitely not ready to take on a marathon or anything, I do feel in better shape and better about my body. Oh and get this!: about three or four weeks ago I participated in a 5K walk/run that I completed in about 38 minutes. I ran about half and walked about half and I think if I did it again right now I'd be able to run for most of it, granted not very fast, but I think I could run most if I tried!

My big highlight of the summer so far is Katelyn coming to visit this weekend! She flew to Denver on Friday morning and flies back to Salt Lake this evening. We've had SO much fun! I was able to skip work on Friday morning so I could go and pick her up and then I went in for the afternoon, but the huge bummer is that I have to work all day today and Katelyn is still here. An even bigger bummer is that I had to say goodbye this morning because I won't be home in time to take her to the airport. I prayed last night for something to happen to make it so I wouldn't have to go in today, but here I am at my temporary desk at work with no early end in sight. I'm considering playing up the sympathy card and when talking to my supervisor, the HR rep, mention that it's my friend's last day here and that I can't see her all day, that I can't even take her to the airport and maybe--just maybe--she'll tell me to go home early. I even prayed for a mild strain of the flu so I could stay home and watch movies with Katelyn. What's most frustrating is that I thought I'd be working for two or three weeks by now, thus making it easier to say "hey it's my best friend's last day in town today. Could I perhaps have even just the afternoon off if not the whole day?" Alas it is not so. Dad even said he'd call me in sick, but I feel that on my fourth day here I can't really do that. If I'd been working here for even just 2 weeks, I'd feel more okay with that course of action. So in short, today I'm feeling blue, coming into work with traces of tearstains, and wishing I could hang out with Katelyn one last day before I won't see her for over two months.

So I hope this was a satisfactory return post and I won't promise more frequent posts, because whenever I do that I don't. However, I do see more free computer time on my hands with this temp job, so we'll see.


Jill said...

Congrats on finding a decent paying job AND on having your friend come to visit. I would have been totally bummed to have to work on her last day too, how funny that you were praying for a slight case of the flu!

Diana said...

Your job sounds perfect for you $12/hr that's amazing!
How fun that you could see Kaitlin too bad it was so short. Will she be here when you come to take care of Bella?
I can't wait to see you!

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