An Evening Out Under the Sea

For my birthday, my friends Rachelle, Jon, and Ben took me to see the new Broadway musical, "The Little Mermaid" last Thursday. It was so good! There were still a few kinks they were working out before because this is its trial run before it hits New York, but I thought it was awesome! The sets were amazing: the water looked like shimmering water and they shifted from under the sea to the ship above the water and it all looked so realistic. The mermaids and sea creatures glided around the stage on skates so it looked smoother and the costumes in general were amazing! The kid who played Flounder was absolutely incredible; he was this little black kid who could belt like I've never heard a 10 year old! Ursula's costume was also so cool--everything was so cool!

We went out to the Cheesecake Factory before and I got herb grilled salmon with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes--it was so good! We were running a bit late though so we had to literally run to the theater. We left the restaurant at 7:45 (the show started at 8) and sped our way to the DCPA (Denver Center of the Performing Arts--it includes a few different stages), almost lost out at the $8 cash or check parking garage where no one had cash, but luckily Jon had his check book (what kind of establishment accepts checks but not a debit card?!), and then ran down three or four flights of stairs to the opera house. Phew! On my way down the stairs though my shoe came untied so I had to run barefoot. It was quite the adventure to get there, but once we sat down and the music started, I knew it was so worth it! I bought a pretty new outfit for the occasion from Ann Taylor Loft the night before and so I felt especially dressed up and I also bought a Mermaid t-shirt which is also pretty awesome. The CD isn't out yet (I guess because it's not officially on Broadway yet), but I do plan on buying it when it's available.

It was a most excellent evening and a most excellent birthday present--yay!

Housesitting Compensation Update: Last night I called the people I housesat for and just asked if there was a miscommunication on their end or a misunderstanding on mine and they didn't plan on paying me more, but were very kind and asked how much more I'd like. While it's not the answer I wanted, I just asked for $50 to cover what I had to put into the car. (I factored out the gas I had to buy to go up to Vail). It was kind of an awkward conversation, but this woman is a very direct woman and so I felt I could be direct in turn. I hope she's not affronted by my audacious phone call, but I do feel slightly gratified.


dpw said...

I'm quite impressed that you either a) took time out while running late to the show to snap the forlorn shoe picture on the steps, or b) went back to the scene of the crime after the show and re-staged the picture. You're a scrap-booker for sure!

Diana said...

You look so pretty. I love the Little Mermaid I hope it comes to Salt Lake.
Good for you for calling the house people, sorry they didn't give you the answer you were looking for. At least you were brave enough to call.
can't wait to see you soon!

Jill said...

Your outfit is darling. What a great birthday outing! Happy Birthday!

jt said...

Look at you guys all snazzy and coordinating! (you had to have planned that) You look beautiful.
Ditto to dpw
and you were very good to call and talk to her- at you rmom's persuasion, perhaps? sorry you didn't get what you thought... bummer.
seems so strange that you are going to be in provo, and i won't. How is that possible?

michelle said...

I was just thinking the same thing your mom said! Now that's thinking on your toes. You guys all look so cute in your black and white and it sounds like a very fun night indeed.

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