This isn't a very good SP, but I wanted to show my outfit, and would have felt like a dork asking my roommate to take a picture of me so I can post it on my blog. This SP is supposed to be conveying success--I don't know how well that came out. And it's blurry.

Hallelujah! Today's the last day of January! I am stoked that tomorrow is February, and in celebration of January ending, I decided to dress up, and be super productive today. I woke up early to get up to the HFAC so I could find a practice room for a bit to practice my violin (now that I'm taking lessons, I need to make time for actual practicing--my whole point of taking lessons was to get better, so I guess neglecting practicing would be a little stupid). Tonight for my dinner night, I'm making chicken with scallion lime sauce and sweet carrot rice, and I'm going to hardcore study for my grammar and physical science tests tomorrow. I'm going to write articles, and all this exciting planning productivity isn't even the best part of the day. Tonight, LOST starts up again, and so I'm going over to Diana's for a party!! Yay!!

So, there is another best part of my day that's happened since I wrote the beginning of this post. Instead of having class today, my British Lit professor met with each of us individually for 10 minutes to grade our paper. He graded it right then and there, which is new for me, and then we discussed it. I got an A-, which how well I thought I did, so I'm glad I'm on the same page with the professor! And then, my professor went on to say that he thinks I'm a really good writer, and that since I'm going into publishing, he can give me articles that other people send to him to edit, and I can get paid for it and practical experience! Plus, he said he'd like me to go over some stuff that he's writing because he said he values my editorial judgment! This is a total score in every way: it's a potential money maker, good editing experience, and it's a little ego boost (which we all need every once in a while!). He also told me how much he values what I have to say in class, and that he admires the honesty of my comments. I've always thought I talk too much in discussion classes, so at least the teacher likes what I say! This was a score of a 10 minute meeting.

See ya later January!!


michelle said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm glad you decided to document it with a self-portrait, good thinking.

Denise said...

Sounds like a stellar day! A good outfit always helps.

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