a poem for monday, june 16, 4 days before i go home

Happy Happy Monday
I'll be home so soon.
After all my finals
I might just be a loon.

Just four more days
And I'm home free
An 8-hour car ride
With 4 boys--whoopee!!

I already called shotgun
Before any of those boys could blink.
However, with so much testosterone in the car,
I doubt I'll be able to listen to N*SYNC.

So, when Dad comes out on Thursday, he's bringing our next door neighbor Nick with him and John. And then we're bringing a guy from my home stake back with us to CO--I told Dad I call shotgun. No way am I sitting in the back of a car with teenage boys the whole way.


Denise said...

Love the line about N*SYNC. Can't wait for you to get here!

michelle said...

No, there's no way I would sit in the back with all those teenage boys either! Love your new summer banner!

Diana said...

So funny! have a great summer at home.

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