Operation Santa Fe--Day 3

The Salty Hair Saga
As previously mentioned, Sarah had the opportunity to go over to a friend's house on Friday for a sleepover. The girls went swimming, and when I picked Sarah up the next day, her hair was a wreck. I had to get her to the Primary activity, and so we didn't have too much time to fix her hair. She got out of a quick shower and her hair had so many tangles in it (most of it was probably because she hadn't combed her hair since the previous morning . . . ). On the way to the Primary activity Sarah mentioned that the pool they swam in was a salt water pool: that's right, a salt water pool. That's why her hair was disgusting.

Sarah came home a few hours later, and so began Project De-Salt/Tangle:

Before: crusty salt hair

After: one hardcore shampoo and a whole heck of a lot of conditioner later and you could actually comb through her hair without obstacle


I state again: Why a salt water pool?! Why?!


paws said...

I love the salt water pool. Less nasty chlorine.

Denise said...

Aunt Patricia knows about salt water pools--I've never heard of them. Way to go, psuedo Mom! Thanks for doing my job while I'm gone. I love seeing the photos!

emily said...

Gross. I'm sorry I missed the adventure. Ironically, I was in one of the largest salt water pools! Haha. The ocean did a number on my hair too.

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