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Brooke has a friend who is in a band, and they had a "concert" last night. We went. It was in the plaza area of their apartment complex, so we just sat and listened for their eight-song set.

This can just give you a general taste for the concert. (And yes, you can't really see anything, but I would have felt unbelievingly retarded taking video in that particular crowd, so I "videoed" to get the sound for you. No actual video. Plus it was dark. PS this is my first video upload. ShamWow!) They opened their set with a rocker version of "That Thing You Do," which is always a good way to get me hooked. They played some pretty well-known songs, and nothing original, for which we can all be grateful. Original songs by local bands don't ever bode well.

The lead singer sang a bit off-key not infrequently, and sometimes the guitar solos were especially loud. I did recognize a lot of the songs thanks to Guitar Hero--many of the solos were familiar.

And we saw a cross-dresser. Yes, a cross-dresser. At first Brooke and I couldn't figure out if it was a boy or a girl, because of the outlandish outfit. This person was wearing pink lounge pants, a rainbow striped really low cut top, and a hideous giant yellow thug hat with rhinestones. We realized that this person was male when we saw the beard stubble. (This was harder to see initially because the man was very black.) Wow. I tried to take a picture, but knew that the flash would go off, and that would be embarrassingly awkward; so I took a video, but decided not to post it because you can't see him that well anyway.

The concert was funny, the cross-dresser frightening, the time with Brooke awesome. We watched "Monk," ate mac and cheese, and stopped by a large birthday blowout for some guys in my ward. All in all a successful, fun, semi-socialable evening.


Denise said...

A cross-dresser? In Provo? Huh.

I'll have to agree with you on the slightly off-keyness of the singer in the video, and I had to laugh because John--thanks presumably to Guitar Hero--recognized the Guns and Roses song they were singing. I, of course, had no clue.

michelle said...

Well how often do you see a cross-dresser while listening to guitar solos in Provo? I'll tell you, not that often.

brooketolman said...

I am so happy you came with me! Your a true friend for putting up with bad music AND a cross dresser

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