a very un-Charlotte-like adventure

Earlier this week, Brooke wondered if I wanted to go geo-cashing with her this weekend. Remembering her raving account of her previous geo-cashing experience, I readily agreed to go. (*geo-cashing is using a GPS system to find pre-placed "treasure." Usually you go to several different locations finding clues until you find the treasure, but this adventure was a one-stop geo-cash.) So yesterday morning, we headed out to the mountains.

Now this wasn't a trail kind of hike--this was a real hike through wilderness.

Yes, I did make my way through that. No joke.

It started snowing where we were, which actually felt great because I was pretty hot after hiking through such terrain. We found the cave and climbed down in. The floor of the cave was covered in water, so we made our way through to the end by putting our feet up on the edges of the cave and walking that way. (Our friend Logan came with us, thankfully, because he had the GPS system and made a bridge to forge the river on our way back.)

We signed the cave "guest book" and then made our way out. For a minute we turned off our flashlights and just sat there in the pitch pitch pitch black. It was a little creepy but ultimately cool.

At one point during the adventure, I slipped, and a large, protruding, pointy tree branch stabbed me. It didn't break through my pants, but I have a four-inch long, swollen, bruisy, semi-bloody gash on my leg. This is by no means an attractive picture of my thigh (but what thigh picture is ever attractive? . . .), but it gives you an accurate idea of my wound.

While this was a very un-Charlotte-like adventure, I had fun! I've never done anything like this before, and I had a blast! So, thank you Brooke for helping develop my dormant mountain woman qualities.

PS--On our way to the starting point, there were a bunch of cows in the road. Seriously. Cows?


Emily said...

Hey, how do you know Logan?! He's totally my workbuddy from last year!

michelle said...

Wow! That IS a very un-Charlotte-like adventure! And it looks and sounds very fun, so way to go on exploring your mountain woman self.

I am always amazed that you can get a bloody gash of a wound without tearing your clothes! At least you've got that going for you.

brooketolman said...

your gash is pretty bad! I'm so glad you came with! next time we'll have even more fun!

Quanta said...

That sounds really fun! Such an adventure! Your gash is pretty gruesome though.

Denise said...

I must applaud your sense of blogger documentation to post a photo of your thigh; I don't think I'm there yet. As you mother, I must say that this wound looks quite alarmingly nasty! I am quite impressed at this adventure to one of the outermost regions of your comfort zone--way to go!

April said...

That sounds like fun!! Yes, very un-Charlotte like, but good to broaden your boundaries to mountian woman. I love geo-cashing.
And I am pretty sure you are right, no thigh pictures are going to be flattering!

Diana said...

wow what fun adventure. Our old hometeacher was into that adn I really couldnt' picture it now I can.
How fun.
HOpe your leg is better soon.

Jill said...

Your bruise and cut look oh so painful. I'm impressed you took on this adventure, but oh my.

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