Spooky Good Mail

Emily and I got a Halloween package this week, courtesy of Mom, Grandma, Susan, and Rachelle!! Score!! Emily and I couldn't open it unless we were together, so Thursday night we gathered in her dorm room and opened the Halloween bounty of spooky treasure.

Way cute jack o'lantern pot holder. I also got a way cute skeleton dish towel, but forgot to take a picture, and I'm too lazy to go upstairs, snap a picture, and load it up to my computer right now. But it's way cute and festive.

Darling Halloween mug, complete with hot cocoa that turns orange. The orange cocoa is pictured. I made it specifically for this care package photo shoot and then proceeded to sip some. No bueno. But the orange "brew" was fun :)

"Legally Blonde 2," courtesy of Rachelle. You can rarely go wrong with a pink DVD case.

No, these M&Ms are not from Valentine's Day; they are for breast cancer. I hoarded them and only shared them with a few select friends. Again, courtesy of Rachelle.

Disney Princess-shaped Spaghettios--yum! Thanks, Rachelle!

Probably my favorite of the package was the pumpkin bread, which didn't make it to the photo shoot. I also hoarded that and didn't let anyone know I had it. I gave Katie a bit, but no one else knew. I'm very possessive of my care package pumpkin bread.

Care packages are amazing. I love them.


Denise said...

I'm glad everything arrived in good order. I had no idea that pumpkin bread was such a draw! I'll send more so you can share. I'm impressed that you even tried the orange hot cocoa; Grandma and I just bought it because it was so cute and fit nicely into the mugs. Way to branch out!

"You can rarely go wrong with a pink DVD case." You're amazing!

michelle said...

I love pumpkin bread, too! There's nothing quite so good as a care package, is there?

Diana said...

what a fun package I love that pumpkin. those M&Ms look so good right about now.
I too am a pumpkin bread fan. I always make it on Halloween for the first time in the season.

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