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I got back to CO on December 18, but I forgot my camera cord in Provo (along with my glasses, which my roommate mailed to me--they haven't arrived yet. . . .). So this is a picture-less post but will hopefully fill my blogger needs.

December 20: BYU lost the Vegas Bowl. Blast.

December 21: Christmas Sunday in the Applewood Ward. It ended up being a Wood-family sacrament meeting, actually. Mom and Dad gave the prayers, Grandma and Grandpa spoke, and Emily and I gave the musical number. And as always, I had encounters with some of the more unique members of the ward and was asked if I was engaged. I'm asked that question at least once every time I come home, sometimes more. Family dinner was Shamazing: roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, ice cream cake roll.

December 22: I got my hair colored again. It's super dark again. (Grandma is calling me her "Indian Princess," a reference I'm still not quite getting.) Too bad my camera cord is in Provo; otherwise, I'd post a picture.

December 23: We all went over to Grandma's in the afternoon and had a bake day! I read, helped with the sugar cookies, and just sat there, still detoxing from finals.

December 24: Christmas Eve! Delicious dinner, Christmas Eve program, new pajamas, electronic LIFE game=awesome.

December 25: CHRISTMAS!! I spent the entire day in my pajamas, watched P.S. I Love You (which I got from Emily) and Prince Caspian (from Santa) (for whatever reason, Blogger won't italicize Prince Caspian--my inner editor needs to give that caveat for the inconsistency), ate whatever I wanted, napped, and was a complete agoraphobe.

December 26: At least I showered and got dressed, but I still didn't leave the house. We watched almost the entire first season of "Chuck," which Santa left for the family. I think we watched another movie that night, but I don't remember.

December 27: I planned on leaving the house, but woke up with an acute abdominal pain. I can't figure out where it came from. It could have been the huge bloody nose I had in the middle of the night where I swallowed a significant amount of blood, my horrible holiday eating habits, PMS, or a horrid combination of all three. Regardless of the cause, I was pretty much incapacitated all day. (I think I've been watching too much "House," because during my bloody nose trip to the bathroom to grab tissues, I had visions of the blood not stopping, blood starting to come out of my ears, and then the cut to the opening credits--good grief.) I planned on leaving the house but didn't go out until about 7 pm for a friend's birthday party. That marked about 72 straight hours in my house. Wow.

December 28: Another day of church and another engagement query. On Christmas Eve, one of the missionaries who was over actually asked me in all sincerity if it was uncommon for a girl at BYU to reach her junior year without being married. I replied that no, it was not out of the norm to be single at twenty-one years old--I am not a BYU anomaly. Good grief. Mom, Emily, John, Sarah, and me (Dad was at home with the stomach flu, yet another possible cause for my freaky stomach pain the day before) went to a vow renewal for one of Mom's good friends. They weren't LDS, and I left feeling so grateful for the priesthood and temple marriage. Dinner that night consisted of a delicious, light meal of Cream of Wheat, scrambled eggs, and toast.

December 29: I cleaned, read, played Guitar Hero World Tour, watched "House" despite my self-diagnosed "House" overdose, ran errands with Mom, ate a delicious dinner, and the current blogging.

Sorry for the lack of pictures that would break up the grayness of this post. Oh well. Kudos if you made it through :) Thankfully I still have a week left (well, six days now), and I look forward to the Crop Day tomorrow, a homemade donut New Year's Eve, shopping with Christmas money, and more movies and TV, because I really need more time in front of the tube.


Jill said...

It's a bummer not to have your camera cord with you, but at least you've got your camera and are still taking pictures right?

I'm intrigued by your status as an Indian princess.

I thoroughly enjoyed P.S. I Love You and I love Chuck. Watching the whole season at once must have been fun. I watched most of Season 2 of 30 Rock on the computer today while puttering in the office and it was great.

The engagement inquiries are so obnoxious. I remember having to answer those questions and being so frustrated by them. Hello...girl getting an education here, back off!

Denise said...

Great recap--maybe I can just post my pictures on my blog, with a link to yours for descriptions! I also like your "avoiding reality" label.

And, I do think we need just a little more tube time.

paws said...
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paws said...

LOL at your House comment. You could have added a seizure and/or rectal bleeding for good measure. We love House.

And I roll my eyes at the "Are you engaged?" people. I contemplated telling them I was lesbian just so they'd leave me alone.

Applewood Ward certainly seems to have more than it's fair share of crazies, eh?

April said...

"Unique"... huh, that is a good term for them...and yes, Applewood does have more than its fair share.

I can't believe the story about the elder, what a moron.

I hope you are feeling better and spend lots of time in front of the TV!

michelle said...

Blast to those people asking if you're engaged! I like what Jill said: girl getting an education here!

I'm jealous of all of your movie-watching, I could definitely use more of that. I've never seen Chuck, but I'm a big fan of House. Your bloody nose self-diagnosis cracked me up.

I guess Grandma's compromised vision combined with her growing up on the reservation is leading her to see the dark-haired you as an Indian princess...

Wayne said...

"some of the more unique members of the ward" -- LOL!

Susan said...

Great anaylsis of Grandma's new description by Michelle!!

Wow, that sounds like a great week. I wish I could have been there. We are relaxing (almost the first time this Holiday, a few days at Michelle's but not enough) in the basement. It's cozy, cute and seems very "vacation", as I rarely spend time down here. I love it, but seldom come down after a long day at work.

I'm sure I would have enjoyed the accompanying photos, but I loved the written word. I can just picture the entire scene (except for the bloody nose "House" episdoe--I'm trying to forget that one)!

Now I think you'd better start preparing your Mom for a rather sudden stop to all this! Maybe fasting and prayer would be a better approach.

Happy New Year!

(So sorry there is no spell check on this......oh, well.

Diana said...

Your trip home sounds lovely. Your hair looks beautiful (saw pictures on your Mom's blog)
sorry you have to come back to Provo soon. At lest Emily will be coming with you this year!

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