Hello 2009!

The welcome of a new year always enters with anticipation, excitement, waves of nostalgia, and a bit of post-holiday reluctance. I'm trying not to dread my return to reality, because I have to remember that I actually do love my life, both in Provo and in Denver. I just happen to love Denver more :)

Also, I hate January. Hate it. It is my all-time least favorite month. So I'm trying to alter my perspective this time around.

That's still a work in progress.

I'm also hoping that this January won't be as bad as last January--remember that emotional disaster?

I'm trying to focus my coping efforts this year around my new word, which I will post about later. :) I'm hoping it will help me have a better January than the last one.

I'm excited for the year itself, for the new people, new experiences, new TV episodes ;), but I just have the hardest time bouncing back from a completely responsibility-free vacation. I don't want this post to sound cynical and depressing, because I do have a beautiful life; it's just that jumping back into the cold and gray of January after the cozy and family-filled Christmas isn't too inviting on the outset. I'll get over it, but just not today. (It is only the first day of the year.)

I plan on writing a much more uplifting and encouraging post about the new year, because I'm really not such a grouch. I'm just blue that my time with my family is so short this time of year.

At least for the first three days of January I'm still at home. I still have two more days of avoiding reality. Still two days.


Denise said...

I'm still avoiding reality. Two more days.

Jill said...

January is rough. Hopefully the greatness of your time at home can lift your spirits enough to help you through the month.

Diana said...

I too hate January. I was talking about it with a sister I visit teach and she suggested a MLK party. what do you think?!

Kathy B. said...

Jason and I were just discussing how January 2nd has got to be the worst day of the year. Christmas and New Years are over and it's just blah! On a happier note...give your family my love!

Paula said...

Last January, my niece, who lives in Chicago (and it gets WAY colder there than CO or UT)posted 10 things that help her get through January - some won't apply to you, but you might pick up a idea or two :)
1. Chili cooking in the crock pot when we come home from work/school.
2. Post-Christmas sales.
3. A new calendar.
4. A pedicure. I don't normally get pedicures unless it's sandal season, but I always get one in January. It's my silent protest to Winter.
5. Getting organized.
6. Working out. I like defying Winter by sweating when it's 6 degrees outside. (Ha-ha! Take that, Winter!)
7. More time to dedicate to my hobbies.
8. Christmas presents. I have to say, I do like the mileage I get from this one. Because we're gone for a solid 10 hours a day and the kids spend every other weekend at their dad's, we can get through the entire month without the novelty of new toys wearing off. I don't have to hear, "I'm bored" until mid-February!
9. Longer days. Or at least the knowledge that the days are s-l-o-w-l-y getting longer.
10. Patience.

michelle said...

It's definitely hard to bounce back from vacation and return to real life. I don't enjoy that, but once I get back in my groove, I like January. Here's to new beginnings!

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