hit the ground running

I'm back from Thanksgiving break and am in the final leg of the semester.

Today I need to

  • Read Monster
  • Read sections 65–69 of D&C
  • Read articles for personal finance and complete corresponding assignment
  • Go through my planner once I get back to my apartment, because I forgot to throw my planner into my book bag
  • Go to Target because I came back to sour milk and I'm out of other necessities like Diet Pepsi
  • Get a Big Gulp with Emily, because I didn't see her much yesterday, and even though we're freakishly awesome friends and I just spent an entire week with her, I miss her
  • At least seriously consider going to FHE
  • Make it to my orchestra dress rehearsal at 5:40—concert tomorrow at 7:30 in the de Jong!! (It's free!)
  • Call my visiting teaching companion to check up on our visiting (I think we still need to make a visit. . . .)
  • Decorate my Christmas tree after I buy ornament hooks at Target
At least I won't be bored today.


Diana said...

sounds like you have some fun things! I was just at Target I love it!
I'll try to make it to your concert tomorrow :)

Jill said...

I guess there's no such thing as easing back into school eh?

michelle said...

My favorite part about this post is needing to connect with Emily even though you just spent the week together. You two are so lucky to have each other!

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