month one

I know moms say this all the time but really--is Asher really already a month old? Really?

Yes, really.

:: He's a champion eater.
:: He was back up to birth weight by his five-day weight check.
:: And up to a pound above birth weight at his two-week check.
:: And up to almost 11 pounds at four weeks.

:: He's already wearing some 3-month clothes.
:: It kind of breaks my heart a little that he's outgrown his newborn onesies.
:: If he wears them now, they operate more or less like a body tourniquet.

:: On his first day home, Asher peed in his face.
:: Then he peed on Josh.
:: Hilarious.

:: When Asher was first born, I thought he looked so much like me.
:: But I see Josh in him and his expressions more and more.
:: His lips, though, are undeniably mine.

:: Asher is alert and observant,
:: He's the most good-natured babe you'll ever meet.
:: And he's trusting.
:: I love to see that quality in him.

:: He loves his baths.
:: And has a love-hate relationship with the pacifier.
:: He doesn't appreciate swaddling.
:: But he's the best snuggler I've ever known.

:: He started smiling.
:: Intentionally.
:: And it melts my heart every single time.


A Mitton said...

So cute. He does have your lips.

Also, I'm coming down for Conference weekend. Can I see you and the babe?

Krista Lowe said...

he is adorable!! i'm so happy you got a good baby! makes life so much happier

Denise Wood said...

I just can't get enough of his photos.

Still wishing it was last week at this time . . .

michelle said...

I'm so glad you have those onesies! They are so cute, it's almost enough to make me want to have another baby. As is the model, obviously.

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