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Would I say, "I am continually sleep deprived," or "I am continuously sleep deprived"? I'm too tired to make a sound decision.

But let's go with the latter.

I am continuously sleep deprived.


Breanna said...

Posts like this remind me why we are friends. :)

I'm hoping you are continually sleep deprived. That would mean you are frequently sleep deprived, but that there are times when you are not (like "continual complaints about the dog"). Continuously would mean it goes on and on without interruption, ever. Like a continuous humming in your ear or something.

So—and I never thought I would say this to a new mother—I am glad to hear you are continually sleep deprived. Because at least you aren't sometimes.

Breanna said...

Wait. You said "continuously."

That is awful.

A Mitton said...

I think about that one all the time. And never tell people because they won't care.

Jill said...

This is why babies are cute, otherwise the would never make it past infancy because their delirious parents would harm them or lose them.

Miranda said...

I love this! This is one of those distinctions I learned as a senior in high school that I've never forgotten. That and anxious vs. eager.

Sorry about the sleep, yo.

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