In 40 years when I look back on 2012, the word that will leap most readily to mind is baby. I spend the first two-thirds of the year pregnant, and the last third navigating the sleep-deprived waters of new motherhood. More than the babe happened this year, though. Asher's arrival is certainly the most exciting and transforming part of 2012, but other smaller things happened this year.

This is the year I gave up on knitting and dedicated myself heart,  mind, and soul to sewing.

This is the year I came to grips with laundry and grocery shopping.

This is the year I watched all of The West Wing and decided that I probably won't ever watch it again.

This is the year I went to see a movie in theaters by myself for the first time.

2012 is the year when I reached new levels of both confidence and vulnerability in my marriage.

It's the year I accepted that for me busy isn't better and that it's okay for my life to need a slower pace sometimes.

It's the year I read six nonfiction books and fell seven books short of my yearly goal.

2012 is the year I taught thirteen five-year-olds with one of my wonderful friends.

This is the year I bought a car and gave away half my wardrobe.

This is the year I came to a deeper understanding of discipleship and covenant-keeping.

2012 is the year I came to know myself as a mother; the year I came to better understand God's plan for me and my family; the year where my life vision was expanded and refined; the year where I opened my heart more fully to God, my husband, my son, and myself.


Jill said...

A big year for you!

Hannah Holt said...

Lovely reflections. Happy New Year!

m.estelle said...

i love this, and you, so so much. that you for being such an example of strength.

here's to a new year! i have good feelings about 2013!


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