some summer coasting

We hadn't been to the coast since October, and I was hounding Josh to go. So we did.

Our first stop was in Cannon Beach, where we hit up our all-time favorite fish market.

Each of us ordered a plate of Pacific cod fish and chips, and we tacked on a cup of chowder for the babe.

He loved it.

Then we headed to our favorite beach, Arcadia, which is just a few miles south of Cannon Beach.

Asher accompanied us to the beach when Josh and I went to Newport for our anniversary, but he slept the whole time so it doesn't count.

He tolerated the sand for a little bit.

And he even touched the cold waves with his sausage toes.

We chilled on some blankets.

And we let the briny breeze muss our already mussy hair.

Asher didn't last too long at the beach and didn't seem keen on napping in the sand, so we headed home a little early--but not before we grabbed some crepes at Crepe Neptune on our way out.

Really, this day was just divine.


Camille said...

Asher's shirt is perfection!

michelle said...

We are going to the coast next month! What is your favorite fish place? I didn't know about the crepe place! Yum.

michelle said...

p.s. your banner is perfection.

Denise Wood said...

p.s. your Babe is perfection.

Jill said...

How far away do you live from the coast?

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