status report, with some run-on sentences thrown in for good measure

I'm here, and I'm alive. We moved in over a week ago, and I'll be thrilled if we get completely settled in by Labor Day. It's just so hard to capitalize on any brand of organizing momentum when you have an adventurous crawler on your hands who doesn't embrace napping. So I've been trying to accept a little here and a little there as okay. And it is.

It's also hard to muster any kind of motivation when your upstairs is 90 degrees, because air conditioning isn't a given thing in Oregon, because really, you wouldn't even need to use it the whole summer. But boy when you need it, you need it. And for all those readers from more scorching climes than Portland, Oregon, remember that you have air conditioning and I do not. So complaining about the 90-degree heat is perfectly acceptable.

I've had several good blogging ideas, but whenever I think of them I'm either in the car or using my best energy to play with the babe, and when the time does come available, my brain feels like it's melting. So, there we are.

I'll wrap up my status report with a few tidbits from the past week or two:

:: Asher loves sparklers so much that he wants to touch the flaming magnesium.

:: The brother leaves on his mission in three weeks.
:: Asher has a Batmobile.

:: I made these last night and died.

 :: I've had my hair up in a bun almost every day for the past two weeks because it's been too hot to use the blow dryer.

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Camille said...

I can't even handle how much I love that picture of Asher in the batmobile! I want one!

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