waging a war

Readers, it's been a full-out war over here. It's nature versus the Wilsons. And nature has been winning.

My allergies have been hellish--think puffy, itchy eyes; runny, itchy nose; and itchy itchy throat hell. It's been awful. And then when I tried to pick up some Alavert-D at the pharmacy counter, Oregon denies me saying that in Oregon I need a prescription. I may or may not have teared up at the pharmacy counter and then proceeded to vilify this hippee-dippee state throughout the weekend.

And Asher fought an on-again-off-again fever for a week, finishing up with snot and coughing. And then on top of my allergies, I just picked up Asher's bug. So now that my allergies are finally under control (because you can bet your daily fountain drink that I got that damn prescription) I have sinuses full of never-ending snot. (TMI? Maybe? Nah.)

This whole past week has been full of children's TV programs, Cars, and too many tissues. (And does anyone else choke up when almost all of Radiator Springs shows up as Lightning McQueen's pit crew? And then when Lightning pushes the King to the finish line? Anyone? No? Well.)

And no one tells you that when your kid is sick for a week that you'll end up spending the next week reteaching all of those things you had previously conquered. Like falling asleep on your own. And not watching TV all day. And keeping the pacifier and blanket in your room. So pretty much your toddler's whole world falls apart once he's not sick enough to transcend Mom's house rules.


What wars have you been fighting lately? Are you winning? Because I'm not sure I am.

*face palm*


Sonia said...

I'm so sorry. I hope you all get to feeling better soon. Please call me if you need anything.

Diana said...

Sad time. I read somewhere that if you eat local honey bee nectar it helps curve allergies... I don't cry during Cars, but every time, EVERY time the Pelican in Finding Nemo starts telling Nemo about how his dad is fighting the whole ocean to find him I bawl like a baby. It's ridiculous.

Ruth said...

Ugggghhhhh allergies are absolutely THE WORST. I get sore throat, itchy eyes, and stuffed up nose every time I go outside and I'm furious about it since it's June and I'm usually done by late April. I wish I had good advice, but Nature is defeating me too. I just keep a cold washcloth on my face always and gargle while taking freezing showers. And ice cream - lots and lots of ice cream. Get better soon!

Ande said...

Yuck. I cried uncle this week and asked Joe to come home at 11:00am from work because that day was just too much. Your week sounds awful. Especially because when you're a mom and your sick you don't get to just read and watch TV and wallow--a child needs to be fed and told "no" to. I may or may not have forgotten to feed Zeph lunch twice in the last two weeks. I think we are losing too. You're in good company.

WislonvilleWardRS said...

I was told to try the nasal rinse like nettie pot. It seemed to clear me up when i could take meds because of my glaucoma. Costco had a great deal on it.
So sorry. WE want you to survive Oregon.

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