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I'm off to the Y come August and the frightening prospect of packing all my stuff looms in front of me. So I decided to avoid the huge few days of packing crunch and pack the things I don't need right now and wait to pack my other things (i.e. summer clothes, toiletries, etc.) until it's closer to when I leave. After a relaxing afternoon of watching "Lost," eating York Peppermint Patties and M&Ms, and drinking Mountain Dew, I ventured to my room with my biggest suitcase and dived into my dresser and closet for the beginning of my winter clothes packing.

Earlier this week I cleaned out my sock drawer and divided up my nylons between good pairs and bad pairs and threw out numerous belts from elementary school. Now I can actually close my sock drawer without having to move socks around and/or have socks and nylons peeking out from the corners! So with the sock drawer endeavor already out of the way I headed for the sweater drawer, pajama drawer, the 3 t-shirt drawers, the 2 junk drawers, and yes, even the underwear drawer. Come 7 pm I had a cleaned out and organized dresser! Shame I couldn't have taken on that project a year ago so I could have enjoyed a large, spacious dresser longer than a month, but oh well.

While cleaning out my dresser I made the Throw Away Pile, the Give Away Pile, and the Ironing Pile. The middle of the floor was completely covered in clothes. Plus I hadn't even started putting clothes in the suitcase at this time; I still had the closet to raid. The majority of my winter wardrobe comes from the closet and not the dresser. So I carefully folded and placed multiple t-shirts, sweaters, blouses, shrugs, and a red peacoat all inside my humungous red suitcase. (And then once I was ready to go bed and after I'd already zipped up the bag, I realized I hadn't packed my winter skirts and dress clothes. Snaps.) As I packed I took an inventory of my possessions, thinking that could come in handy someday. The inventory is organized according to what is packed where (so all my winter clothes are catalogued under the large red suitcase heading). I love organization--I'd go crazy without it!

So begins my adventure of packing and moving. Some things I'll be able to ship early or send with others like my bedspread, sheets, books, and other things of the like, but packing up all my stuff is still so overwhelming! Where do I put it all?! Well hopefully my packing will continue running smoothly--wish me luck!


claire said...

I hate having to decided what to take and what not to when leaving for school. And then doing it again when I come home for a semester.
good luck with the rest of your packing

roastbeefstew said...

i don't think i could do all that i would go crazy. and i would just wait untill like the day before i left and then throw most everything i could in.

michelle said...

Gosh, sounds like you need to hitch a ride with someone traveling with a U-Haul. It's hard to get all your gear where you need it to be. But oh how delightful to be organized!

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