utterly exhausted

Well, after today I will not have been home in three days and for those of you who know me, you know that's a big thing because I love my time at home. Monday I worked and afterward I met up with Rachelle (my best friend) and her mom at the Olive Garden for dinner. I ate the "Herb Grilled Salmon"--mmm I love salmon! After we finished dinner, Rachelle and I headed over to her hotel (she's been staying in a hotel for the past 2 1/2 weeks because they had severe smoke damage to their house on account of an ashen pot of beans found on a turned-on stove after 5 hours). We went to see the 9:40 showing of "The Devil Wears Prada" and came across Mark and his mom Kaye! It was definitely a welcome surprise! The movie was okay; it wasn't your traditional chick flick about a girl trying to get the guy. The plot was a little deeper than the signature chick flick and I love watching Anne Hathaway because she's so pretty. (However, most of us would always be drop-dead-gorgeous if we had a personal team of stylists too). After the movie we went back the hotel and went swimming in the 24 hour pool at 1 in the morning. We came back at 2 and talked for bit, then drifting off to sleep until 10:30 the next morning. We headed out at 11:45 and went to lunch at Chili's, followed by trip inside TJ Maxx and Ulta.

Despite this exciting Rachelle-and-Charlotte time, there was an ulterior motive: her sister planned a surprise birthday and I was the decoy/distraction (however I would definitely have had this fun night/morning without urging!) I had to stall a little in Ulta because her sister wasn't ready and fortunately there was some trouble in ringing up my purchases, so we weren't able to arrive at the house until 1:50 or so. It was truly a surprise--Rachelle had no idea! Ten to twelve of us were there total and we all went boating on Cherry Creek Resevoir for the afternoon. I love boating! However, I'm not a fan of my wet hair drying wavy because it looks dumb (why can't it be wavy all over instead turning wavy half way down my head?), but who looks great boating anyway? Back to the party recap: we went boating all afternoon, grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, boated some more when it was still light, had cake and went back to the house to open presents once it got dark. We opened presents pretty quick because a bunch of us had to get home. I got home a little after 11, so I was beat. Then I slept hard until I had to wake up to go to work all day. Blark. After work tonight I have a quick church thing to do and then I can go home and crash.

Even though I'm completely exhausted, I had such a fun time over the past couple of days. I think my favorite part was when it was just me and Rachelle hanging out. Whenever we hang out we don't usually go out to a movie or go out to eat, so this was a fun change of pace. We never run out of things to talk about and I have so much fun with her! I love having friends like that: friends you can do almost anything with, that you can tell anything, and stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning talking to. I'd rather have 2 or 3 really close friends like that than a bunch of acquaintence-like friends (I hope I'm making sense here). I'll do a real post about Rachelle on her real birthday which is coming up next week.

Well, after today I can crash at home tonight and tomorrow I'm going to see the new Pirates movie--I'm way excited! I'm counting the hours until I can leave work and it's only 10:30; we close at 6. Ug. Oh well, at least I'm getting paid, right? Oh, and one more thing to add to the utter exhaustion I'm feeling: I woke up feeling a potential migraine coming on and my vision was really weird this morning, a definite sign of impending migraine. I took something right away before anything happened and the vision disturbances went away mostly, but I still don't feel so hot. Oh well, I look forward to changing into my pajamas tonight and watching some mindless TV like "Everybody Loves Raymond" or "Lost" if I feel up for some intrigue. Sorry for the somewhat complain-y post and hopefully I will have something better to report later.

Oh, and another quick question: WHO IS THE ANONYMOUS COMMENTER? I definitely appreiciate your comments, but who are you?! The anonymous commenting is too mysterious for my own peace of mind!


michelle said...

Sounds like you had a busy and fun weekend. But I'm like you, I would be craving some time at home. And I agree, anonymous commenting=not good.

roastbeefstew said...

we just got back from pirates and it was pretty good. there are some odd and nasty bits not bad nasty sick nasty. but it was good and funny.

dpw said...

I've missed you! I'm all for watching "Lost" in our pajamas.

mag said...

I love the olive garden! Going there in Provo is one of my favorite activities. Boating is terrific as well. You ran into who at the movie? Oh ya, me.

Anonymous said...

Since I have grabbed viewers of this blogs attention (not to mention the writer of this blog)- I will assure you that I am not some creepy internet pysco and that Charlotte does know me - she just hasn't figured out who I am yet. :) (Let me know when you do!!)
I choose to remain anonymous because it makes it easier for me to comment and say what I am thinking- without expectations of what people would normally assume I would say. I am sorry if I gave any of you a scare.

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