an unlikely but possible combination

You frequently hear cute shoes are never comfortable--the two are just not very compatible. This is a fact hard for me to accept because I love cute shoes and I've usually been okay with the discomfort of cute shoes; the sacrifice of comfortable feet is definitely one I'm willing to make, but since I began working at Washington Mutual Bank two years ago and we had to stand all the time, comfort became more of a priority for me. I was initially torn between having cute shoes and having feet that didn't ache all the time when lo and behold, my mom and grandma introduced me to the wonderful world of Danskos. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and they're really cute! Who knew that you could have cute and comfortable shoes?! I have the two styles pictured and I love them both! While they are expensive, I willing to pay for style and comfort.

Well a quick recap of the first full week in July:
  • The rain and thunderstorm provided a fun twist on the 4th of July festivities and I had a blast playing charades by candlelight in our dining room.
  • Emily's friend birthday party was awesome! We played the dice game BUNCO (a game that requires no skill at all) and had ice cream sundaes.
  • The family party was fun as well. In addition to our immediate family, Grandma, Grandpa, our friends Melissa and Jacquelyn, and our former seminary teachers Eric and Brittany Buehler were all present at the soiree. We had a blast and played games after dinner. I love birthdays!
  • After Emily's friend party a few of us jumped on the trampoline in the rain, making for a fun (and damp) end to the afternoon.

I hope your week was a good opening to July and I look forward to a comfortable day in my much-loved Danskos!


Anonymous said...

I think I am going to need a dictionary to read your blogs- I don't know what half the words mean!! What is a soiree anyway??

jt said...

Charlotte, too smart for the rest of us. ;)
Anonymous commenters- Reveal Yourselves!!!

Danskos are way comfortable. I like the 2nd pair the best b/c they aren't so chunky.

dpw said...

Good grief! Who hasn't heard the word "soiree" now and again. I love your vocabulary--keep it coming!

emily said...

I agree with jesse when it comes to chunky shoes. I like to be light and silent with flats and the occasional wedge.

Anonymous said...

The rest of the normal world who does not read a gazillion books and perhaps the dictionary for fun- does not usually hear the word "soiree" even every now and then. :)
And no one answered my question - what does soiree mean anyway?? (I don't have the dictionary memorized yet!!! :) )

cjw said...

soiree: a party or reception held in the evening

Anonymous said...

Thank you cjw- I assumed it meant something to the sort, due to the context in which it appeared!! Thanks!!

michelle said...

Hold the phone. That second pair are Danskos? I think I'm in love!

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