Catching my Breath

Wow this past week has once again flown by! It sure is a good thing that we had a long weekend for President's Day! Last week was full of school work, book reports, computer projects, and a worthy attempt at a social life. Trying to remember what all happened last week, I can come up with a fun Valentine's Day wearing a cute skirt, finishing the intensely boring James Madison biography assignment for American Heritage, seeing two movies ("Deja Vu' and "Night at the Museum"), studying endlessly for my American Heritage midterm this week, and going on three dates (a new record for me in one week).

I couldn't help thinking last week how fast time has gone since Christmas break and now it's almost March!! Sometime's it's still hard to believe that I've been back at school and into winter semester for going on seven weeks now! I'm glad that my first round of midterms is over after the American Heritage test I'm taking tomorrow, but the next week the tests start all over again--ah! I won't be getting a respite until after finals in April . . . I just can't think about it.

The upside to constant due dates and studying and academic chaos is that once a week starts, you're in it and there's nothing you can do about it. Either you get it done or you don't. Sometimes I won't get it done and sometimes (hopefully most of the time) I will. When I think about it in terms like that, especially in weeks when I have so much going on and so much to do and think about, it simplifies my stress level so much. I can only do so much anyway and either I do it or I don't; either way, it won't be the end of the world. Sometimes I'll have to sacrifice a night out or a favorite TV show or a phone call home, but when it's simplified to either a yes or a no, a black or white situation, for me it is so much easier to handle.

Anyway, the long weekend was definitely a needed break (even though for most of the holiday I studied for American Heritage--I know, it's dominating my life). It was nice because probably over half the girls on my floor went out of town, leaving the floor nice and quiet. Brittany went to Las Vegas with some friends and all of Katelyn's roommates went elsewhere, leaving the bedrooms to ourselves!! Saturday and Sunday nights were especially fun because Katelyn and I had a sleepover in her room and I slept on her roommate's bed (note: ON the bed, not IN the bed--having someone else sleep in my bed might weird me out a bit). We watched movies and fed our "24" addiction and scheduled naps during the day. Yesterday, Katelyn's sister called us up and said that a store in Orem was having a huge sale on seasons of "24"--$15 for a season. Seriously, how could I pass that up? Normally I wouldn't care about buying the seasons, but when they're a fifth of what they normally are, I'd be crazy not to! I got the first season and plan on starting it as soon as Katelyn and I finish the watching the fifth.

Well, my brain is fried and it's only Tuesday, but I'll push through the rest of the week, remembering that regardless of whether I want it to or not, the week will fly by and I'll either get it all done or I won't!

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Diana said...

Wow! What a busy weekend. I'm so excited for your 24 find. That's great news.
Glad you could have such a fun weekend with Kaitlin.

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