Time Does Fly, However, I Wouldn't Say I'm Having Fun Exactly

Wow I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted! My last post was on my not-so-hot Monday, which was improved when I came back crying from the Mac lab and had a package from Mom with a giant heart-shaped banana chocolate chip bar. The past couple of weeks I've just been so busy I've hardly been able to take a breath, but now that I'm here at work with nothing to do (it's times like these when I wonder why I can't do my homework--I could be accomplishing so much!), so I thought I'd make a quick post.

This past week one of my highlights was going to the Fray concert on Wednesday which was totally cool! I'd never been to a concert and so this was definitely a fun excursion! It was way loud, but so much fun and everybody was singing along to the songs and cheering and such--I'd definitely do it again!

Another highlight was finding a place to live next fall! Katelyn and I found a sweet spot at the Squire off of 900 N 900E which is a stone's throw away from campus and it's going to be a pretty nice deal. Rent will be $270 plus utilities, there's a washer and dryer inside the unit, and the room Katelyn and I are going to have has its own bathroom attached which also has a bathtub. It is a pretty small space, but really what can you find with all that for any less? We're way early on this whole thing, but I'd rather be over zealous in finding a place and get a good one than miss out and not find anything.

This week is already looking to be overwhelming. I have my Book of Mormon midterm to take after work today, a French exam tomorrow, a print publishing project due Wednesday, my foxtrot test Thursday, and a presentation on psychoanalytical criticism in English on Friday. I feel like I'm in the middle of a wave pool and I have to be able to hold my ground. At least I can picture myself in a cute swimsuit! This semester is definitely more intense than last semester and I feel like I'll never have time ever again. I'm hoping I'll be able to go back home for President's Day weekend, but I'm not sure if I'll have a ride. Regardless of whether I'll go home, at least that weekend will be somewhat of a break.

Well, I'm going to dive back into my week and studying and work and all that accompanies such a life and hopefully it won't be so long before I post again!


dpw said...

Oh, the memories of college life. I'm sorry that you're swamped, but I find it encouraging that you can picture yourself in a cute swimsuit! I find that difficult on the best of days.

Diana said...

Charlotte your life is so fun. Good for finding a place so early. The squire is nice.
Good luck on your midterm.
Can't wait for our Lost Wednesdays.

michelle said...

Like your mom, I cannot say that I can picture myself in a cute swimsuit, so that is at least something.

Your apartment sounds very similar to the one that Jill and I lived in as roommates. You'll have a blast being totally on your own!

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