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6 Weird things about me:

  • I sometimes get into this gangsta' talk phase when I say things like "fo' shizzle," "shizzle out," and "homie g." It's funny when I'm around friends with the same joking tendency, but sometimes people don't really know what to do when stuff like that pops out!
  • I can't go to bed unless the bed is made first. I always make my bed in the morning and if I'm sick and don't make it all day, I'll make it a few minutes before I actually go to bed again just so it's made before I have to sleep in it for the night.
  • When I take notes or make lists or anything of the like, I like to make sure it looks good. I don't like crossing things out and frequently start over if the document starts looking too messy. I hate it when I forget my note book for class and have to take notes on a separate sheet of paper that is apart from my normal set of notes--it doesn't flow!
  • I don't like to do my hair the same way all the time. I go between straightening it (the most common), flipping it, and curling it under. I also do my hair according to what I'm wearing.
  • Started with Rachelle, among our friends (and it's expanding now that we've all gone away to school) we greet each other with a "shalom" and a "matzeltov," as if we're Jewish or something. I'm used to it now, but it throws people off sometimes.
  • I like cleaning the dishes, however they have to be mine or my family's. Basically I have to know where they came from for me to be okay with cleaning unknown food off of plates)


Diana said...

I didn't know you were a gangsta Jew. You are so funny!

michelle said...

What the heck? Apparently yours is one of my RSS feeds that isn't working properly -- I didn't know you had all these new posts! The gangsta talk is too funny, Emily's influence perhaps?

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