Lack of Buyer's Remorse

So I had quite an exciting weekend, filled with many exciting adventures, the first and most exciting of which was a trip to Borders! I love Borders and much to my dismay I hardly ever get to go because I don't have a car! Argh! However, Katelyn's sister was out of town for the weekend and so we had the car! I've always had a special place in my heart for bookstores and that special place has expanded since I don't get out to one very often. We spent an hour and a half in Borders and I could have spent so much more money than I did, but my total rang up to almost $70!*@&# While I have no problem finding merchandise to equal that amount, I am a poor college student, but the most disturbing part is that even after the cashier tells me my total, I choke and simultaneously hand over my debit card. "Swipe it!" I say. Good grief. It's a little worrying to my bank account when I have no buyer's remorse after a trip to Borders.

Moving on from my lack of second thoughts, I had quite a successful Borders run. I bought Step Ball Change by Jeanne Ray, In the Land of Second Chances by George Shaffner, Othello (for my English class and of course I buy not the cheapest version, but the one that looks the coolest), The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, and Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind by Ann B. Ross for Katelyn's birthday. Another reason why I logically shouldn't have splurged as I did was because it's not like I'll have time to read them anyway. I still haven't finished any of the books I bought or received from Christmas break (much to my reader's sorrow). And I state again, I still have no regret. Oh the joys of the reading addiction . . .

After Borders we got dinner at the Panda Express (yum!) and watched an episode of "24". Then a couple of boys in our ward called us up and were wondering if we wanted to go sledding, which of course we did! It was so much fun despite the freezing cold. I only wore a pair of jeans (stupid now I realize, but I don't have any snowpants!) and a long sleeved shirt under a hoodie with a warm winter coat. Really my hands were the coldest because I spaced bringing a pair of gloves . . . stupid! Even though my pants were soaked, my legs weren't too cold because they were numb! (Well I guess that means they're cold, but I couldn't feel it!) It was crazy because my hair was falling out of my ponytail and so the snow that sprayed up into my face when I sledded down made my hair into icicles!

Saturday was especially fun because we went to the mall and did some long-awaited shopping! Katelyn bought this way cute dress that looked so amazing on the hanger, but when she tried it on later that night, it was not so cute. I hate it when that happens. We went to Charlotte Russe which is sometimes a dubious place to shop, but I found the cutest, most perfect top for me! It's blue with white polka dots all over and it's fitted through the bust and then is looser in the torso. It has a deep sweetheart neckline (so I wear it with a tank) with cute little white buttons in the middle. It was the only one left and in my size!! It was meant to be ;) The funniest part was when I went up to the cashier she rang up the top and then said to me "This top is so cute--it makes your boobs look really great!" I didn't really know how to respond to that and that wasn't my intention, however I think I consider it a fringe benefit. ;)

Well, as I started this post last Monday and am now just getting back to it Wednesday afternoon, I've completely forgotten what else I intended to blog about. Oh well, I'm sure this is plenty long enough for the time being!


michelle said...

As addictions go, books is a pretty good one! I never regret buying them either. I just hope you'll get to read them soon.

A cute top, last one in your size, and it makes your boobs look great? Yep, it was meant to be.

Diana said...

Kaitlin is such fun friend. I am happy that you guys do so much together.
I love Borders, sadly my money goes to diapers and wipes. I wish I had money for books. I can't wait till we have just a little extra money so I can buy books again.
Can't wait to see you in that top.

Jill said...

That's a whole lot of spending for a poor college student, but if you don't buyer's remorse I guess you're good to go. Buying books is always a treat, and it sounds like the top you bought is perfect.

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