being a budget deputy

I'm enjoying working in the Physics Department so much more this year than last year (it's amazing to have a boss who actually likes you . . . unlike last year). I really like all the other student workers and one of the girls I work the most with is Brooke and we have a pretty fun time for the most part. We dubbed ourselves "budget deputies" because we're just that cool and we want to make badges and capes, but that's still a work-in-progress. I can't remember exactly how the term came about, but I think we were trying to find a description for what we actually do and 'budget assistant' didn't seem to cover it because really we only do budget-related things some of the time. Then it hit us: we are Budget Deputies--we have special skills and do whatever needs doing. We thought the term 'deputy' had more clout to it than 'assistant.' If you're unclear about what a budget deputy actually does, here are a few skills and duties to give you an idea.
  • run errands in the van
  • wash the dishes
  • organize the refridgerator
  • answer the phones
  • gas up the van
  • make donut runs to Ream's
  • bake brownies
  • eat sandwiches
  • clean up after parties
  • cater big blow-out Physics parties
  • pick up cookies for SPS meetings (Society for Physics Students aka Nerd Central)
  • organize plasticwear in the new rolling storage thing
  • balance plates and such when taking them down the hall to organize them
  • playing plate hockey down the hall when the aforementioned balancing doesn't work out so well
  • going down to the back with wheeling carts, meeting Nan (or whomever), and taking the merchandise back up to the Physics Department
  • running packages down to Mailing Services when it's too late to schedule a pick up
  • taste testing while on the clock (score!)
  • organizing Nan's desk on Fridays when she leaves early
  • putting up tacky Christmas decorations all around the Physics Department
  • file purchase orders occasionally
  • talk to Timm and Jessie when Nan tells me to (this one is a favorite even though it's only happened once or twice ;) )
  • oh yeah--keep the budget under control by entering purchase orders into the Budget Book, approving them, and a couple other things
  • keep the Physics and Astronomy Department exciting and fun with our vivacity
So, that's what a budget deputy does. Most of the time I like it; however, there are those days when I don't like it so much. Today has been an excellent day so far--we made a run to Ream's to use some coupons for free donuts, ate cake at a Physics birthday party, and did a little bit of budget stuff this morning. Not a bad Friday.

I mentioned this before, but I just have to say it again: I love the other student workers. We all get along really well and have fun doing the crazy things we have to do. On Wednesday, I was having kind of a rough/frustrating day at work and my feet hurt (probably because I was wearing my sexy toe-cleavage shoes . . . but they're so cute!!) and Nan was in a snippy mood. I was in a moment of exasperation when one of the workers (Sarah) came around the corner and said to me: "Oh Charlotte--you look so beautiful today!!" Talk about a tender mercy right when you need it--that pretty much made the rest of my afternoon and made the rest of the craziness more endurable. Also that afternoon as I was leaving, another student worker (John--he reminds me of my own little brother John--in a good way--and so I just really like physics-John for that reason) told me I reminded him of Nancy Drew with my red peacoat, big brown earrings, and chocolate patent leather headband; I love Nancy Drew!! That was most definitely an excellent thing for me to hear. :)

So while last year I complained about my job more often than not, this year that is not the case. Nan is an awesome boss (when she likes you) and I get paid $7.70 for doing the various duties mentioned above--not bad, eh?


llamaly said...

That sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to join the ranks of the Budget Deputies! Make sure Nan knows that I accept her job offer!

jt said...

has nan really made emily an offer? I can so see her doing that- just a standing invitation. I'm glad you are finally liking that crazy job. I'm sure it is one that you will always remember- I never did get over my incredulity and... amusement of whatever tt was required to do for his 'job.' Not a bad deal. You'll know you've really made it if she starts buying you clothes and other personal effects. Although it might be best if she didn't.

jt said...
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michelle said...

I too remain incredulous about the jobs in that crazy Physics department! You've got a good thing going there. And being told you look like Nancy Drew? Awesome compliment!

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