quintessential first day of december

As all of you who live here know, yesterday this is what it looked like outside (Katelyn woke me up excitedly to show me!):

and this was at 11 in the morning--sa-weet!!!

Can you think of a more perfect way to kick off December?! I submit that there is not. So anyway, Katelyn and I woke up around nine or so, got ready, and ate breakfast while watching the most recent episode of "Chuck" online (Emily and Dad converted me to that show--it's pretty hilarious). Then we got to make an exciting trip to the storage unit to pick up Katelyn's Christmas tree we decided to use in our apartment. She also had to pick up some more things from the storage unit and much to our benefit, almost all of it was in one bin that was sitting right on top.

We ran to the bank and then picked up Katelyn's brother so he could have the car. We then made mac and cheese for lunch and continued to watch the "Chuck" episode we didn't finish (and also did not go to the stake service project up in SLC--who wants to go to Salt Lake when you can stay in your cozy apartment eating KRAFT mac and cheese and watching TV shows online??) The best part about the snow of the day was that it continued to snow all day and it was cloudy and like Michelle said in her post yesterday, a true Winter Wonderland!

I was actually productive a little bit yesterday: I worked on some articles and read for British Lit, however I gave up on the articles (that were actually due, but I just emailed the guy explaining my problem) because my computer was being unusually retarded yesterday. I've had this problem with the "i" key and it comes off and it's really hard to put back on and my efforts yesterday were fruitless. Oh yeah, and my computer kept restarting itself all afternoon--good grief. I think next summer when I have a bit of money it will be time to find a new one that *hopefully* won't give me so much trouble. [*The "i" key still isn't working too well, so this whole typing thing isn't coming so easy . . . but I just had to post about yesterday because I knew if I didn't do it now I wouldn't do it and I'd end up only having 3 posts for December like in November . . . sorry . . . rambling . . . ]

So after some school and work things, then we decorated our apartment!!

Our super cute little Christmas tree!

Me decorating the Christmas tree--I love the snow in the background!

Julie putting up some colored lights she got from her grandma (they kind of look like fiesta lights!)

More decorating endeavors--I'm glad I didn't fall off :)

Katelyn and I went out to dinner at Wendy's last night which was a fun excursion and then we went up to campus to pick up Katelyn's brother again and while we were waiting we had a bit too much fun with the camera . . .

What can we say? It was REALLY cold

I'm a super spy

I don't know what I can say about this one . . .

A cute one of Katelyn

A cute one of Katelyn and me . . . well it's cute of Katelyn. Not my favorite one of me

Oh wait--our day isn't over yet! We went back to the apartment and then pulled out the Easy Bake oven. That's right--the Easy Bake oven. We tried making some Easy Bake sugar cookies that were not so great . . . . We watched "The Family Stone" (which was better than I thought it would be) and "Tristan and Isolde" (which also was better than I thought it would be). Then we went to bed.

A perfect December day.


michelle said...

Cool day! That is the quintessential first day of December. Your little tree is adorable, and I love that you were taking self-portraits with your roommate. I wish I'd known about that when I was in college!

dpw said...

I love your little Christmas tree! It truly was a quintessential (one of my favorite words, btw) first day of December. Love the self portraits, although I've never pictured you as a spy.

Diana said...

I loved Saturday! Your apartment is so cute. I am so happy that you and Kaitlin have each other and such good roommates.

dpw said...

Oh, and I also wanted to say that I think it was pretty brave of you both to tackle that storage shed. Good fortune was indeed smiling upon you to find the Christmas bins on top!

jt said...

that's quite the day! I'm glad you and K are such good friends. SHe looks cute- her hair is longer since I last saw her. And cute gold earrings. But I digress.
I LOVE Chuck!!! I didn't know anyone watched it except tt and i, so glad to know the Wood clan is among our ranks!

Jill said...

I thought the snow was perfect for the first day of December too, and it was so great that it was a Saturday so we could actually enjoy it.

Your little Christmas tree is darling, it's making me hark back to the very tiny one Michelle and I had in our first apartment.

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